Rating of the best geyser coffee makers

Rating of the best geyser coffee makers

Every fan of coffee dreams of a compact and inexpensive device that can make a delicious drink and at the same time not stain the stove. A good solution is a geyser coffee maker, or, otherwise, a moka, which is extremely popular in Europe. Gradually it is also winning the love of Russian coffee drinkers.

Construction features and operating principle

A geyser-type coffee machine for the gas stove consists of two containers and a filter between them. In the lower bowl pour water, then install the filter, pour coffee into it and screw the upper part. When heated, the water boils and the resulting steam displaces the hot water. After passing through a filter with coffee powder, the water is saturated with flavor and aroma, and a ready-made drink pours into the upper bowl. Cooking time depends on the intensity of the fire.

There are also electric versions of geysers. They differ in the way of heating and the presence of additional options. The best option for rooms without a stove.

How to choose

When choosing a geyser you should pay attention first of all to the volume, and then to the material and brand.


In a geyser coffee maker you can make only a strictly defined amount of coffee, because the lower cup must be filled exactly to the mark. If you pour more than this, hot water will squirt through the valve. Less – steam pressure is not enough to lift water and pass it through the filter. The choice of mocha depends on the number of coffee lovers.

The description of the models usually indicates the number of cups. It is important to know that they are not referring to large portions of coffee, and standard espresso – 30 ml. That is, a 6-cup mocha will make only 180 ml of drink in one go.

Smaller devices hold 90 ml (3 servings of 30 ml). For a large company or for the office, buy an 18-cup espresso mocha – 540 ml. The most common geysers for 6 and 12 cups (180 and 360 ml).


There are aluminum and stainless steel sinks on sale. Aluminum ones are much cheaper, but low-quality material can give the drink a specific metallic taste at the beginning of use and in case of scratches on the inner surface.

Aluminum cookware must not be washed with metal sponges.

Stainless steel geyser coffee maker does not have this disadvantage, in addition, stainless steel is suitable for the induction stove and lasts longer.

Гейзерная кофеварка на плите, фото

Moki can be not only steel color. Non-stick coating, which is often used in these devices, allows you to choose a geyser coffee maker to match the interior of the kitchen.

Less common are instances made of ceramic. They look attractive, and the taste of espresso in them turns out pure (even the best, according to some coffee fans), but fragility prevents them from winning the trust of consumers.

The brand

The Italian Bialetti geyser type coffee maker is known all over the world. The brand owes its name to the entrepreneur from Italy Alfonso Bialetti. In 1919, he patented an octagonal coffee pot, and the novelty was enthusiastically received. The company with a century of history and to this day leads the top brands in the production of the best geyser-type coffee makers. They are priced significantly higher than other brands.

Other companies have more democratic prices, and the quality is often as good as the Italian one. Good models can be chosen from the range of cookware manufacturers Lagostina, Rondell.

Pros and cons of geyser coffee makers

It is no coincidence that geysers have won the hearts of coffee fans in Europe. They have a number of advantages over the simpler carafe and more complex carob and drip coffee makers:

  1. A good full-bodied flavor.
  2. At the same time a moderately strong espresso does not overheat, so it is devoid of strong bitterness.

  3. No sediment in beverage.
  4. All grounds remain in ground coffee filter.

  5. Cleaner stove.
  6. Ready espresso, being in the upper cup, is no longer boiling, so it can not escape and stain the stove. At high heat, the coffee pot may snort, but the tightly fitting lid will not allow splatter to spill out.

  7. Reasonable price.
  8. A good geyser is 2-3 times cheaper than even the simplest coffee carob.

  9. Compactness and mobility.

Moka takes a little more space than a brew. You can take it on a hike and use it on the fire.

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кофе в гейзерной кофеварке, фото

There are disadvantages to the geyser coffee maker, which are related to the peculiarities of design:

  • a strictly defined volume of drink. For one person and a company of 4-5 people will require different devices;
  • can not be used twice in a row. It is not recommended to disassemble and reassemble the hot body, you can get burned;
  • it is impossible to influence the taste and strength of the drink
  • . It all depends on the quality of the product;

  • the rate of consumption of ground coffee is dictated by the instructions.

Having analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of geyser coffee makers, we can conclude that these devices occupy a prominent place in the range of devices for making coffee, and the disadvantages are rather features that you just need to keep in mind.


The rating of the best models of geyser coffee makers for the stove includes popular samples of different volumes from reliable manufacturers. The review describes the main characteristics of affordable and quality devices.

Lagostina coffee pot 010320200406 (6 cups)

Lagostina 010320200406, фотоSuitable for different types of stoves, including glass-ceramic burners. You can prepare 150 ml of beverage in one go. This case uses food-grade aluminum, which does not impart any flavor to the beverage. The valve for excess steam is nickel-plated, so it will not corrode. An extended spout allows you to accurately pour the coffee into cups. Handle of coffee pot and lid are made of thermo-isolated plastic for easy use. Color – stainless steel.

Rondell RDS-499 Geyser Coffee Maker

Rating of the best geyser coffee makersLarge coffee pot allows you to brew 300 ml at a time. Two-layer aluminum body with external non-stick coating of dark gray color is easy to clean. Thick walls retain heat well. The lid hinges on the lever. Silicone-coated aluminum handle will not let you burn yourself. Thanks to the flat bottom can be used on all types of stoves, except induction.

Rondell RDA-399 Geyser Coffee Maker

Rondell RDA-399, фотоLarge-capacity coffee maker holds 450 ml of water, for a 400 ml beverage. Non-stick coating is golden brown color giving the coffee maker a stylish look and easy care. Top bowl has a lid that can be removed by pulling a lever. Suitable for gas stoves, cast iron and glass ceramic hobs. No need to rush when pouring coffee: this model has a small spout, so you can’t tilt the pot too much.

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