Review of the best Siemens coffee machines

Review of the best Siemens coffee machines

The German brand has proven itself in the “coffee” market. Coffee machines of this brand cannot be called cheap, but they are reliable and easy to maintain. We selected the 8 best models of this manufacturer.

Siemens EQ.3 s100

МодельThis 37.8*24.7*42cm machine makes one cup at a time. Water tank holds 1.3 liters, bean hopper – 250 grams. You can make espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, lungo, froth milk. Adjustable grind level and coffee strength, you can choose from 3 options.


EQ.3 s100 does not take up much space, but the location of the water tank somewhat limits the placement. Note that the milk for cappuccino or latte should be poured immediately into the cup. This eliminates the need to clean the tank, but you will need to rinse the cappuccinator each time. You have to adjust the height of the whipping tube yourself.

Siemens EQ.3 s300

Марка моделиThe dimensions are identical to the previous one, the coffee machine also holds 1.3 liters of water and 250 grams of bean coffee. You can select espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, caffe crema, froth milk on the touch screen display. There are 5 degrees of grinding of beans available.

The machine makes up to two cups at once, but only one can be with milk. This function is invaluable if you regularly need to make coffee for several people. The coffee machine is adapted for glasses up to 15 cm high, but it is necessary to adjust the length of the cappuccinator and rinse it manually. Added a platform for warming cups, which allows you to not consume the finished drink immediately. Cappuccino maker has enough capacity for 10 uses.

Siemens EQ.3 s500

КофемашинаIn terms of size and features, the model is almost identical to the previous one.

The 6th degree of strength has been added, allowing you to make espresso in two grinds.

The design has also been slightly changed.

Siemens EQ.6 plus s300

ТехникаThe size of this model is slightly larger – 38.5*28*46.5 cm, the water tank holds 1.7 liters, for beans – 300 grams, there is a container for ground coffee. The panel contains 8 buttons, responsible for drinks. The grounds container needs to be cleaned every 11 times.

The following options are available:

  • espresso;
  • espresso macchiato;
  • lungo;
  • cappuccino;
  • latte;
  • latte macchiato;
  • whipped milk;
  • flat White (coffee is poured first, then milk), Americano.

The serving size is adjustable, with a maximum volume of 400 grams available for latte macchiato. There are 6 grind options and 7 degrees of strength. With the latter two, an espresso is made in 2 grinds. An additional button allows you to save two custom coffee options. Your own recipe must be based on the built-in, adjusts the strength, degree of grinding.

You can choose one of the 3 options for the temperature of the drink.

The coffee machine is equipped with an automatic milk tube cleaning system. This feature allows you not to rinse it after each use. Please note: steam cleaning is not able to provide proper care. From time to time it is necessary to disconnect and rinse manually, but much less often than without this function.

A feature of the model program is to block the coffee machine if the scale has not been removed for a long time. The self-cleaning system slows the accumulation process, but sometimes you have to disassemble and clean the machine. The display will show a corresponding warning. If cleaning is not done, the system will not let you make coffee. The machine will also notify you to refill the beans and water.

Siemens EQ.6 plus s700

Умная техника Dimensions and water and beans tanks are identical to the previous model. Maximum pump pressure is 19 barrels. Cake compartment requires cleaning every 12 uses.

The machine makes 2 milk drinks at a time. Huge advantage for cappuccino and latte lovers, in other cases possibility to use 2 cups will be less useful. The user can adjust the ratio of coffee and milk in a portion, which greatly expands the range of drinks. Siemens EQ.6 plus s300 model has 3 more recipes added to its functionality. It is possible to save up to 4 of your own coffee variants.

The machine will inform you about the need to clean, refill the beans and water. You can use a separate container for milk, the tube coming from the machine is lowered into it.

Siemens EQ.9 s300

Современная техника для домаCoffee machine has dimensions of 39.2 x 31.6 x 47 cm. Water tank holds 2.3 liters, bean container – 235 grams, there is a built-in transparent container for milk. The coffee machine can make 2 different drinks at the same time.

The following options are available:

  • espresso;
  • espresso macchiato;
  • ristretto;
  • doppio;
  • lungo;
  • cappuccino;
  • latte
  • ;

  • latte macchiato;
  • foamed milk;
  • hot water.

The machine allows you to set the order of adding ingredients: milk first, then coffee or vice versa. The setting applies to all milk drinks at once. The user can save up to 6 sets of recipes, such setting is indispensable for collective use. Everyone creates an individual profile where up to 10 recipes are saved: milk to coffee ratio, strength, volume, temperature.

The coffee machine warns the user in advance of the need to replenish the ingredients. The machine will notify if the milk in the built-in container may have gone bad. The cappuccinator part is not detachable, the system cleans it automatically.

The coffee machine is not well suited for small rooms: it is quite large, in addition, on both sides there are containers for ingredients.

Siemens EQ.9 s500

Машина для кофеThe basic characteristics are similar to the Siemens EQ.9 s300. The body of the coffee machine is made of metal, which allows the operation without noise. The machine gives the possibility to choose from 6 temperatures of water supply for brewing. The user can adjust the time of wetting the beans: long, normal, without wetting. It is possible to save up to 10 personal sets of drinks.

Siemens CT636LES1

Completes the review of coffee machines brand Siemens built-in model. Its main feature is the ability to be built into a headset. You will need to prepare the kitchen before buying, but as a result, the unit will not take up much space. The size of the niche is 44.9*55.8*35.6. Coffee machine holds 2.4 liters of water, 500 grams of coffee beans.

Встраиваемая техника

The user can store up to 8 sets of drinks. Automatic cleaning is provided, the cappuccinator is collapsible.

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