Saeco Coffee Machines

Saeco Coffee Machines

The Saeco brand is one of the most recognizable on the market

Saeco Coffeemashina is an Italian company, purchased by Philips in 2009 (since then, coffee machines are marketed as Saeco-Philips, but for most customers it is still the same Saeco). Saeco – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coffee machines, the brand owns 30% of the European market of such equipment and 65% of home espresso-machine market.

After the brand was owned by the Dutch company Philips, new technologies were introduced and many new service centers were authorized to repair and service coffee machines Saeco. However, the reliability of assembly and components of Saeco machinery are such that repairs may be needed only after a very long period of post-warranty use.

Saeco – coffee machines with many advantages. In particular, Saeco coffee machines are considered the most compact in the segment of automatic machines.

If you are interested in the most compact options, pay attention to the Xsmall line, which represents coffee machines in the Mini format. These are amazingly small, extremely compact coffee machines that even the owner of a very small kitchen can afford to put in his house. But recently even more compact models have been available: Saeco Syntia with an ultra-modern design. The Xsmall and Saeco Syntia lines are very popular because many potential customers are reluctant to buy a home coffee machine for fear that it would clutter up the space. With Xsmall and Saeco Syntia you won’t have to!

Another plus of these machines is the ease of use and maintenance. These machines are so easy to use, because you can get an espresso or cappuccino at the touch of a button. You can get the hang of their functions without a lot of mental stress. You don’t have to know how your Saeko coffee machine works, you just have to know how to press the right button!

Saeko is a coffee machine that fulfills your desires. That’s another big plus we give to this brand. Your Saeco will not only allow you to change the consistency, intensity, strength of coffee and the proportion of milk on a whim and at will, but also remember your favorite recipes.

Each new line of coffee machines of this brand contains original know-how that makes the process of making coffee even more comfortable and adds useful features to the models Saeco. The company has patents for a huge number of inventions in the construction of this technique. Many of the features you will find in other brands’ coffee machines were invented by Saeco.

Saeco is an ultra-new technology in the development of coffee machines. The Saeco brand, in particular, is famous for being the first coffee machine to go to the ISS – the famous Incanto Sirius!

Do you want to possess the same fantastic equipment? Pay attention to the Saeco Xelsis range, which is a continuation of the Incanto line.

Does Saeco make coffee makers? Yes, and it’s a great choice for customers on a tight budget. Saeco’s coffee buzzer coffee makers, allow you to make coffee from both ground coffee and chai liquor, as they are equipped with an interchangeable portafilter.

Saeko manual coffee makers are compact and great ergonomics, which will be especially useful for owners of small kitchens.

A wide model range of Saeko coffee machines and coffee machines, as well as flexible price range allows both professional and amateurs to pick up the optimal model for business purposes and for home use, and, of course, as a gift, because Saeko coffee machines are the best present for a coffee gourmet!

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