Some tips on how to choose the right coffee machine

Some tips on how to choose the right coffee machine

The pleasure that a fan of coffee gets from a cup of natural, properly prepared beverage is not comparable to an instant, quick-brewed ersatz. Therefore, more and more gourmets, who appreciate this drink, are pondering how to choose a coffee maker or even a coffee machine. They buy a coffee machine for home and office, and for professional purposes – for bars, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants.

Naturally, when choosing a coffee machine, you should consider the purpose for which you buy it. It is good that manufacturers offer an extremely wide range of coffee machines at different prices. So, how to choose a coffee machine?

First of all, let’s distinguish between the concepts of a coffee machine and a coffee machine. A coffee maker allows you to make coffee from already ground beans, in a fairly limited amount and without much recipe variety. You can, of course, vary the degree of grind of the selected coffee, choose its variety – but it will not make espresso, macchiato or cappuccino.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when thinking about how to choose a coffee maker for the home – its volume, design and energy-saving capabilities (a relevant issue at today’s prices for electricity). In addition, keep in mind that too cheap models of coffee makers can make not hot, but warm coffee, besides dripping without interruption. For more convenience, also choose models:

With a floating filter-holder basket (rather than a removable one);
Anti-drip mechanism (which will allow you to pour the drink cup by cup, while making the rest of the coffee);
Liquid level indicator;

The coffee makers also include French presses, which do not require electricity.

But the possibilities of a coffee maker are quite limited. Did you know that a real espresso must have a dense crema that can hold sugar grains? You can’t make espresso like that in a coffee maker. You need a coffee machine. And you certainly can’t make cappuccino in a coffee machine, unless you whip the foam by hand, as they still do for the Pope. But it is unlikely that you will do this interesting, but very time-consuming task every day.

So, you’ve decided that a coffee maker isn’t enough for you, and you need a coffee machine. So what kind of coffee machine to choose?

First of all, decide on your objectives. There are three types of coffee machines, according to their capacity and tank volume:


You probably don’t need a machine with two boilers for the home – for simultaneous espresso and cappuccino – unless you like to host a large number of coffee guests with different tastes. I don’t think you need a water-pipe model for your home, either. For the office or bar, however, these features would come in handy.

When choosing a coffee machine, decide: do you want it to grind coffee beans? If yes, you should buy a more expensive model, but you don’t need a grinder, so you can automate the coffee making process. You fill the beans, pour the milk if necessary, press the button – and you get a cup of your favorite drink.

Another important issue when choosing a coffee machine – its versatility. If you’re a fan of a certain type of coffee like cappuccino or macchiato, buy a machine for making that particular drink. If you like different kinds of coffee, it should have a cappuccinator and ideally a panarello (steam tap).

Finally, when choosing a coffee machine, you should pay attention to energy-saving models. And the design, of course, is up to your taste.

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