Spices as a way to make coffee better

Spices as a way to make coffee better

The subtle, captivating, slightly intoxicating aroma excites, penetrates all corners of the apartment, awakens, inspires. Coffee has long been an integral part of many people’s lives, and it’s not easy to start the morning without it. There are a sufficient number of recipes for preparing this drink, but the most popular are those in which spices are added. In the East, they were the first to use spices, which can enhance and reveal the taste of coffee and neutralize the effect of caffeine.

The following spices are most commonly used:

  1. Cinnamon. With it you can get a warm bittersweet flavor and it is best added to arabica. You can use either powder or a whole stick (dip it in for a few seconds);
  2. Ginger. This spice enhances the flavor, gives a slight spice and improves intestinal function. In coffee you can add both powder and root, grated beforehand;
  3. Cloves. The coffee will become more intense and in addition a slight bitter spice will be felt. The spice almost minimizes the effect of caffeine and can help lower blood pressure;
  4. Cardamom. A pleasant sweetness in tandem with spice will help relieve tension and calm down. Cardamom pods are best added to coffee;
  5. Badian (star anise). The incredible aroma of the spice blends perfectly with the coffee flavor and gives the desired calming effect. This coffee is great for colds and relieves irritation from a sore throat. You only need to add a few grains from the sprocket to your coffee;
  6. Black pepper. Unleashes the aroma of the coffee, making it incredibly fragrant and appetizing. Pepper also helps to eliminate toxins and allows you to “clear” your mind. A few peas should be added to the coffee and be sure to let it infuse for a few minutes;
  7. Nutmeg. This spice is responsible for toning and excitement. It is better to sprinkle the powder on top of the coffee foam before drinking;
  8. Vanilla. Incredible aroma, pleasant mild taste and aftertaste. For maximum effect, it is better to dip the pod in the coffee and hold it for a few minutes;
  9. Laurel leaf. With the help of this spice you can get an extreme strength and such a drink will help cheer you up, so it is better to drink it in the morning. Coffee with a bay leaf increases blood pressure, so it is better to consume up to 75 ml. to prevent overexcitation of the nervous system.

When using spices, here’s what you need to know:

  • Don’t go overboard with the amount, especially if you’re using spices for the first time, as you might just ruin your coffee;
  • Ground spices need and are important to store properly, using hermetically sealed packages to ensure that the flavor and aroma are preserved;
  • Spices can be combined to produce completely new flavors. It is not necessary to add just one spice. By combining spices, you get a unique taste.

Что еще можно добавить в кофе?

Интересным вариантом станет апельсиновая цедра или кокосовая стружка, позволяющие получить новые сочетания и вкусы. Еще в кофе можно добавить шоколад, сливки, мед, лаванду, соль, лимон и некоторые спиртные напитки, раскрывающие вкус напитка и дополняющие его.

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