Spidem Coffee Machines

Spidem Coffee Machines

Among all modern brands engaged in the development and production of coffee machines and coffee machines for household and professional use, Spidem stands out. This brand, which is a part of Saeco International Group, produces high-quality equipment, which costs in the budget class. Spidem coffee machine has a lot of positive features, among which you can name such as:

– the use of high quality materials in the construction;
– good assembly;
– intuitive operation;
– Full automation of the process;
– Built-in functions – grinder, recipe selection (espresso, cappuccino, etc.), etc.
Spidem Villa model

Coffee machine Spidem Villa can be considered probably the most popular today model. And not for nothing, because it is equally well suited for use at home, in the office, in a cafe, a coffee corner etc. Staying small and compact, this coffee maker with built-in grinder that can cook espresso and cappuccino, provides high performance, withstands considerable loads, and the taste and aroma of the prepared drink will be appreciated even by gourmets.

The model is presented in two colors – light and black, allowing you to choose the best for a particular interior. At the same time, the coffee machine is one of the most affordable.
Instructions for the coffee machine Villa Spidem are in different languages, including Russian. But you do not have to open the booklet every time, because the machine is thought out in such a way (from design to automatics) that it does not complicate the operation, everything is simple and understandable.

And if you are limited in your budget, and you do not want to overpay a lot of money, in fact, only for a well-known brand name, then to buy Villa Spidem coffee machine will be the most rational and perspective choice.
Other models of Spidem coffee machines

In addition to the famous Villa model, other models are available under the brand Spidem. For example, Spidem Divina de Lux, Spidem My Coffee RS and Spidem My Coffee Digital RS, as well as one more of the favorites – coffee machine Spidem Trevi Chiara.
This model also refers to the budget, despite the fact that its appearance can be called a designer version. Also, the coffee machine has an expanded functionality, namely, the list of what it “can” include a full range of coffee drinks based on espresso, as well as cappuccino.
Like the Villa, the Trevi Chiara model can only boast of a unique combination of high performance with minimal dimensions and extraordinary compactness and ergonomics.
Trevi Spidem is successfully used in small and medium coffee shops, offices and at home, that is qualified both as domestic and professional coffee machine, which can simultaneously prepare 2 cups of aromatic coffee.
Quality Guarantee

Still, even a budget coffee machine costs money, and it would be extremely unpleasant if the equipment quickly began to break down. However, this will not happen with Spidem, and the manufacturer is not afraid to announce it, providing all guarantees of quality and reliability of their equipment.
Repair of Spidem coffee machines is performed only by certified specialists of the accredited service centers. Also we provide warranty service with a departure of a service engineer to the address (on request or for preventive reasons).
Whichever model you choose, even the simplest one for home use, you can be sure that you invested your money wisely and rationally to increase your comfort level.

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