Syrups and toppings for coffee – the best brands and recipes

Syrups and toppings for coffee – the best brands and recipes

To diversify the taste of your favorite drink, you can use a variety of additives. A few spoonfuls of syrup make an ordinary coffee or cappuccino a fragrant dessert with an original flavor.

Product Features

Syrups are used to sweeten the drink, give it additional flavor nuances, and interrupt excessive bitterness. 60-80% of the mass of the product is sugar and the rest is water, fruit juice, flavorings and colorings.

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It is not worth overusing this sweet additive, because its calorie content is quite high: 100 grams contains 250-300 kcal, that is about 50-60 kcal per tablespoon.

There should be information on the package stating that the product is suitable for mixing with hot drinks, otherwise the smoothie may curdle.

Tasty combinations

Syrup is suitable for coffee as long as its smell does not interfere with the coffee bouquet but emphasizes it. A properly selected additive must be in harmony with the espresso, so use it with reference to the description of the blend. All additives must be in harmony with each other.

The variety of flavors can be grouped into several groups:

  1. Fruit and Berry.
  2. The largest group, which includes banana, strawberry, blackberry, orange and other flavors.

  3. Dessert flavors.
  4. The most common is chocolate. Tiramisu, caramel, and plombard are also in demand. There are also gingerbread and crème brûlée.

  5. Nutty.
  6. Almonds and hazelnuts, the more exotic pistachio, coconut and macadamia are great with espresso.

  7. Spicy. Cinnamon and vanilla

are used not only in their natural form, but also in syrups.

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Recommendations for the use of different flavors:

  • caramel is good in coffee and milk drinks: cappuccino, latte
  • ;

  • chocolate is indispensable in mochaccinos, it harmonizes with strong Turkish coffee
  • ;

  • berry flavoring combines with Arabica brewed in French-press
  • ;

  • vanilla is considered a universal additive. Can eliminate the excessive bitterness of the Robusta and make the sourness of the Arabica less pronounced;
  • amaretto, almond, lime, lemon and cinnamon flavors work well with bitter robusta;
  • the nutty flavor makes the espresso even more expressive.

Everyone can discover flavor combinations by trying and experimenting. For such purposes, coffee syrup kits are available – several bottles of small volume.

Toppings and syrups

Descriptions of coffee and dessert recipes often mention toppings. These are various additives that give the dish additional flavor notes and make it more beautiful.

The most common toppings used in coffee are:

  • syrups;
  • grated chocolate;
  • chopped nuts.

Coconut shavings, waffle crumbs are also used as sprinkles for sweet dishes.

So, syrup is one of the popular toppings for coffee.

How to use

Syrups are combined with both hot espresso and cold coffee cocktails. There will be different ways of adding: keeping layers, blending and whipping.

How much syrup to add to coffee, everyone decides for himself, depending on his preferences. On average, 1 teaspoon of liquid topping (5 ml) is added per 50 ml of drink (the total volume includes espresso, milk and ice). Sugar is no longer needed in this case. Sweet-tooth drinkers can add a little more.

With hot coffee

Espresso is stirred or even whipped with syrup and then milk is added.

When making a multi-layered cocktail, such as a latte macchiato, the topping is poured into the glass first, and then milk and coffee are added. The glass in this case needs to be tall and clear, so the serving will be beautiful.

Cold cocktails

If you whip ready espresso, milk, syrup and ice in a shaker, you get a great refreshing drink. This kind of coffee cocktail is usually drunk through a straw.

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Overview of popular brands

The best syrups for coffee are French-made. The range of companies has more than a dozen different flavors. The most popular kinds can be bought in a regular supermarket. If you want to try something unusual, you should look at online stores of coffee and sweets.


Сироп Monin, фотоProducts of this brand with a century-old history are most often found in Russian stores. You can choose a sugar-free and zero-calorie topping. There are varieties made exclusively from organic raw materials without the addition of preservatives. The price ranges from 400 to 800 rubles, depending on the taste.


Сироп Teisseire, фотоThis French company has been making its products since the 18th century. The variety of flavors and volumes makes these syrups in demand. You can buy not only large bottles of 0.7 liters (about 700 rubles) but also small bottles of 250 grams (about 200 rubles).


Сироп Giffard, фотоA thick product with a high sugar content is made on the basis of sugar beet. Out of 70 kinds of the brand’s products, 16 variants are specially created for hot drinks, so they dissolve well in coffee. There are classical (chocolate, vanilla, berries, nuts) and exotic flavors (melon, green tea, ginger). Comes in large 1 liter bottles with a handy neck for precise portion control.

Popular Recipes

On the basis of the basic recipe with the help of various liquid toppings you can create completely different drinks.

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The best recipes for coffee with syrup can be found on coffee shop menus or used at home on your own.


Vanilla syrup for coffee softens the bitterness and acidity and gives a subtle sweet flavor. It goes best with coffee and milkshakes.

Pour cold espresso over cold milk (80 ml) and topping (2 tbsp), trying to keep layers together.


Mix hot coffee (100 ml), warm milk (50 ml) and topping (2 tbsp). On top, decorate with ice cream and cocoa powder. Also suitable for a coffee cocktail with cognac or liqueur.


Nut-flavored syrup is added to both hot espresso and cold coffee cocktails. For example, you can shake up a portion of strong espresso, a couple of teaspoons of the topping and some ice in a shaker.


Caramel coffee syrup goes well with tart espresso. Creamy notes create a gentle drink without bitterness or acidity. Pour into hot coffee (50 ml) orange juice (20-30 ml) and caramel topping (20 ml), stir.

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