The 7 Most Expensive Coffee Machines

The 7 Most Expensive Coffee Machines

Premium coffee machines are true works of art, which belong to the elements of status. Their cost can exceed the ordinary models by 5-10 times, but it is fully justified for those who want to get a perfectly prepared coffee.

Premium models are not always superior to conventional coffee machines in the number of functions. But their reliability, the quality of materials
(mostly handmade in limited quantities), meticulous and fine-tuned adjustment of all systems make them not just expensive accessories, but coffee machines, which will serve for decades without loss of relevance.

This ranking includes the best premium coffee machines, regardless of category or features. The list includes only those models that are considered the crown of creation in the coffee industry.


  1. The Javabot Coffee Machine
  2. Van Der Westen Speedster
  3. Elektra Belle Epoque
  4. The Rancilio Classe 10
  5. FRANKE A400 FoamMaster
  6. Miele CM 7750 Black
  7. Siemens EQ.9 plus connect s500
  8. Saeco SM7685/00
  9. Other premium coffee machines

The Javabot Coffee Machine

This is the most expensive coffee machine in the world, priced at one million dollars. It creates all kinds of drinks and makes the taste of each one close to the ideal. One of the main features is considered a unique design. /auaBo* consists of a large number of glass tubes. This allows you to see the entire brewing process, from the gradual roasting of the coffee, to the creation of the portion in the cup.


  1. Unique design.
  2. Considered a work of engineering and design art.
  3. Makes all existing types of coffee.
  4. Maximum reliability.

This premium coffee machine has only one drawback: the price, which makes the model unreasonably expensive even for high-end coffee establishments.

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Number of recipes – all existing types of coffee drinks. Price – 1 000 000 dollars.

Van Der Westen Speedster

An elite coffee machine that makes the legendary espresso. Often the device is called the “coffee machine for millionaires,” although unlike the previous device, the price tag of the Speedster is much more modest. The body is made of chrome parts, and the design is borrowed from the coffee machines of the 1970s, with the addition of futuristic elements.

The particularity of this model is considered to be limited. It is produced in a small village in the Netherlands, making up to 400 coffee machines a year.


  • Considered to be the best espresso machine in the world;
  • Durability and reliability;
  • Stylish design;
  • Known element of status.

The disadvantages of this device are two – the inability to buy a coffee machine even if you have $ 20,000 (you need to book an order in advance, with a waiting list of 6 to 24 months). Also a disadvantage is that the device is designed to make espresso. The price is $20,000.

Elektra Belle Epoque

One of the most unusual premium coffee machines for the home. Also often installed in various establishments. It is made close to the steampunk style of the highest quality alloys. Despite its appearance, this coffee machine contains modern electronic control. Allows you to record up to 6 of your own recipes.

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  1. Unique and recognizable design.
  2. Superior quality metal in body and details.
  3. Has a wide range of settings and programming function.
  4. The range includes all types of coffee.

Disadvantages – the device belongs to the category of semi-automatic, which is considered a disadvantage for such an expensive coffee machine from the premium category.

Assortment – all kinds of coffee. The price is $20,000.

The Rancilio Classe 10

This expensive Italian-made professional coffee machine is considered a benchmark in its category. It has one of the best electronic systems among coffee machines. It allows you to create 3 cups at a time and give out a large number of servings in a short period of time.

Significant advantages:

  • Has two cappuccinators;
  • Fast brewing and dispensing;
  • Reliability (the body of aircraft aluminum, first-class parts, etc.);
  • Boiler for 11 liters.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for home use and does not give any advantages over other premium models in the category.

The range – all kinds of coffee, including with milk. Price – $18500.

FRANKE A400 FoamMaster

One of the top coffee machines in the world when it comes to serial production. This is the living embodiment of legendary Swiss quality. Has a number of unique features and specializes in creating super high quality dairy beverages. Includes a mixer for making hot chocolate and supports the installation of two direct grinders.

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