The benefits and harms of coffee

The benefits and harms of coffee

The already enormous scale of world coffee consumption is constantly increasing. Producers of “black gold” benefit greatly from this. But what do we get? Previously, only the harmful properties of the product were mentioned. In the last decade found many of the useful qualities that conceal this wonderful drink. Let’s try to summarize all the contradictory data in one review.

What are the benefits

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A great feeling of vivacity and energy together with a unique taste are the reasons for the global coffee addiction. But don’t beat yourself up! When you learn how useful coffee is, you can look at your little weakness in a new way.

There are reasons to indulge in a couple or three flavored cups:

  1. Benefits to the liver. Coffee helps the liver produce enzymes while activating the gallbladder. This effect reduces the risk of cirrhosis and, in part, prevents stone formation. Caffeine prevents the liver from accumulating excess fat and iron. American scientists have proven that the rationed intake of the drink contributes to the filtration of alcohol
  2. and some toxins in the liver. Thus, coffee is really useful because it reduces the likelihood of “getting” cirrhosis.

  3. There is less risk of cancer.
  4. The anticancer properties of the beans make them a good preventative against some cancer diagnoses (cancer of the same liver, for example).

  5. Prevention of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Neurodegenerative diseases are caused by inflammation and protein deposition on neurons. Coffee can seriously interfere with this process thanks to the presence of phenylindans (antioxidants) in its composition. The content of these substances is higher in dark roasted
  6. beans, so it is good for people at risk to drink this particular kind.

  7. Better metabolism.
  8. Vitamins and minerals play an important role when comparing the benefits and harms of ground coffee. Components such as sodium, vitamins PP and B2 make the product a great helper in the proper distribution of fats and carbohydrates. Chemical interactions and cellular nutrition are improved.

  9. Slim figure.
  10. Science has determined that ground grain causes the body to secrete oxytocin. Due to this hormone, appetite is reduced and energy loss is accelerated. Add to that an improved metabolism and you have great news for anyone watching their body. For more benefits, it is recommended to drink coffee half an hour before exercising.

  11. Heart Aid.

Contrary to popular belief about the unequivocally harmful effects of coffee on the heart, modern research shows the opposite. For example, if you drink the “liquid stimulant” regularly, you are less likely to develop heart failure, heart attacks and vascular blockages.

But (!) here we are talking about a healthy “motor”. As for “cardiac patients”, it is impossible to speak unequivocally about the benefits and harms of coffee for their health. Everything depends on the form of a certain gene that helps to break down caffeine. If a person absorbs this substance quickly, it is possible and necessary to drink the tonic drink. If, however, caffeine lingers in the body, the drink is very harmful.


In addition to those listed, coffee has a number of obvious positive properties. Just one cup is able to “wake up”, i.e. to make the brain work actively. The drink tones, gets rid of fatigue and lethargy, gives positive emotions.

The harmful effects of coffee

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It’s time to fill the second cup of the scale. Let’s try to figure out to whom, how much and how specifically harmful coffee is. From its excessive consumption may suffer the following systems and organs:

  • Cardiovascular system.
  • The dual impact on the main organ once again confirms the need for medical advice on the diet. Coffee speeds up the heart, and in a number of diagnoses it is quite dangerous. In addition, the components of the product cause the accumulation of bad cholesterol, which is dangerous again for the heart. An extra cup can also aggravate the condition of hypertensive people.

  • Nervous System.
  • The very same pleasant tone can cause negative consequences: irritability, impulsivity, and insomnia. Caffeine is especially harmful to people with irregular working hours, disturbed sleep patterns and constant stress.

  • GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. Here a special warning to those who prefer instant coffee
  • . It is extremely harmful because it creates a most destructive acidic environment. Therefore, gastritis, stomach ulcers, and any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract suggest the rejection of coffee or the reduction of the dose to a minimum.

  • Female reproductive organs.
  • This wonderful product can significantly increase the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. There are also scientists who claim that the volume of breasts decreases for women who abuse coffee, albeit slowly. But all this is nothing compared to the danger of miscarriage in case of overdose. The culprit is the same oxytocin, which was previously attributed a beneficial effect on the figure. After all, this hormone is a precursor to childbirth. Pregnant or even planning this condition, coffee is contraindicated.

  • Bone fragility.

Supplying the body with useful substances, coffee washes them out almost immediately. This also applies to calcium. That’s why elderly people should take special age complexes to avoid harmful effects.

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Caution should be taken with coffee products for all those who have problems with the urogenital system, as well as allergic individuals.


Previously, coffee was attributed only harm. Today, when the possibilities of science are much wider, a lot of benefits lurking in the cherished beans have been uncovered. But along with these discoveries, the dual effects of caffeine and other ingredients on human health have been revealed.

Scientists have linked this fact to the genetic characteristics of the individual. But in general, all of the above negative factors are manifested either by abuse of the invigorating drink, or by the presence of the above mentioned diagnoses.

Useful recommendations to prevent the harmful effects of the drink:

  • drink only natural, freshly ground grain coffee;
  • do not exceed the daily norm
  • (3 cups);

  • do not use at all if you have contraindications;
  • use recipes that reduce the effects of caffeine (adding milk, turmeric, ginger

, mint, lemon).

Stick to at least the main part of these recommendations. Then you will get all the benefits from this wonderful traditional drink, and you will hardly have to think about the harms of natural coffee beans.

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