The best coffee beans for your home

The best coffee beans for your home

Choosing a coffee machine for your home can be a difficult task. The number of models in the category exceeds several dozen, each of which has its own features and differences. Understanding the main advantages and the most important features for the home will allow you to choose a quality and functional coffee machine, which will be the best on all evaluation criteria.

Criteria when choosing a coffee machine for the home

All grain devices with a built-in coffee grinder belong to the type of coffee machines. This is the most advanced category of models, the process of creating drinks in which is fully automated. Depending on the functionality, coffee machines are conventionally divided into “automatic” and “superautomatic”. Home coffee beans machine is mainly chosen from the first category. This is optimal in terms of performance and cost.

Зерновая кофемашина для дома, фото

Some features, like portion counter, connection to water and others, will not give any advantage for the home, but the price of such coffee machines will be much higher.

The basic criteria that should be included when choosing a bean coffee machine for the home:

  1. Coffee grinder with different degrees of grinding (optimally 7-12 degrees).
  2. Water purification system (built into almost all modern coffee machines for home.
  3. Availability of cappuccinator, mostly automatic type.
  4. Automatic descaling system.
  5. Setting the temperature, strength and amount of water in a portion.

These are the basic criteria, due to which the automatic grain coffee machine for home differs from an ordinary espresso coffee machine. They determine the comfort and functionality of the whole grain coffee machine.

Кофемашина для дома, фото

Features such as the ability to program recipes (personalization) are also highly preferable for the home. They significantly expand the range of possibilities for preparing delicious drinks. Also, preference should be given to devices that use ground and whole coffee beans.

To the characteristics that you can safely neglect to reduce the price can include:

  1. Body material – the markup for metal parts can be up to 15-20% of the cost of the coffee machine. Almost all top manufacturers use high-quality plastic, which in the home environment will not be inferior to metal in any way;
  2. Touch and expensive displays can impress with a luxurious appearance, but they do not give any advantage over conventional digital screens;
  3. Remote control – brewing coffee by pressing a button on a smartphone is very impressive, but within the confines of the home, such coffee beans machines do not provide any benefit.

Features such as cup heating, brewing two servings at the same time have 9 out of 10 coffee machines, so it makes no sense to consider them separately. In general, it is a mistake to take series for home as budget and deliberately losing in quality coffee machines. Most often they have the same technology, but a set of functions are designed for home use. As a result, you can buy an inexpensive coffee machine for coffee beans at home, which features will not be inferior to professional models for cafes and other institutions.

Best Coffee Machines for Home

The category of home coffee machines is quite extensive. It includes no less than four dozen models from different manufacturers, which can make the choice difficult. The rating of the best coffee machines for beans for home 2020 includes the most popular and functional models, taking into account price and quality.

DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.SB

Кофемашина DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.SB

One of the most affordable options on the market, which has almost the entire set of features you need for your home.

Key benefits:

  1. Supports the use of ground and whole grains.
  2. Has a manual cappuccinator with panarello nozzle, prepares a full range of milk drinks.
  3. Metal drip tray grate.
  4. Metal grindstone grinder with 13 degrees of grind.

The drawback can be considered a simple control, but for a model for 23-24 thousand rubles, this drawback is more of a relative nature.

Bosch VeroCup 100 TIS30129RW

One of the best coffee machines for home coffee in its price segment, taking into account the capabilities and cost. The main advantage of the model is the automatic cappuccinator, which allows you to prepare a full range of drinks without intervention.


Main advantages:

  1. Accelerated heating system;
  2. Hermetically sealed compartment (with insulation) for 250g grains;
  3. Automatic cappuccinator;
  4. Low power consumption;
  5. Ceramic grindstones.

The only disadvantages are the plastic drip tray and the lack of possibility to use ground grains. The average price – 29000 p.

DeLonghi ECAM 22.360.B

Кофемашина DeLonghi ECAM 22.360.B

One of the highest quality and least expensive models with automatic cappuccinator and built-in milk tank. Removable container is easy to store in the refrigerator, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the preparation of milk drinks.

Main advantages:

  1. Automatic cappuccinator and removable milk tank.
  2. Uses both ground and whole grains.
  3. Metal parts in the body (including drip grid).
  4. Grinder with 13 degrees of grind.

The only possible drawback is the primitive text display. The price of the coffee machine is 39 000 p.

Philips EP2030/10 Series 2200 LatteGo

Кофемашина Philips EP2030/10 Series 2200 LatteGo

The main competitor of DeLonghi in the medium price segment. The main advantages include:

  1. availability of a personalization function;
  2. The special cappuccinator without tubes of LatteGo series;
  3. Use of ground and whole coffee beans;
  4. Ceramic millstones with 12 grindings;
  5. Simple touch screen display.

The only conditional disadvantage is the price of the model at 35-40 thousand rubles, although it fully corresponds to the functionality.

DeLonghi ECAM370.95.T

Кофемашина DeLonghi ECAM370.95.T

If the question is what kind of grain coffee machine to choose for the home without much budget constraints, this option is considered one of the best. Grain coffee machine has no disadvantages and includes a full set of features.

The main pluses are:

  • Increased pressure of 19 bar – will speed up the preparation of a portion;
  • The use of beans and ground coffee;
  • Extended bean hopper (350g);
  • Large LCD display;
  • Automatic cappuccinator with removable milk container (removable type);
  • Additional features: cup illumination, remote control and synchronization with iOS/Android.

The only disadvantages that can be highlighted are the plastic parts in the body and the price of 80,000 p.

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