The best home coffee machines of 2020

The best home coffee machines of 2020

The home coffee machine category is constantly expanding. Not only do manufacturers release new models every year, but they also regularly reduce the cost of home coffee machines. This makes them affordable for almost any budget, but it makes it much more difficult to choose.

Understanding the main features and forming a ranking of the best coffee machine models 2020 for the home will make it easier to choose only among the best models that have proven themselves in the market.


  • 1. Main features a home coffee machine
  • 2. Rating of the best automatic coffee machines for home
  • 2.1. Philips HD8827/09
  • 2.2. Krups Roma Black EA810870
  • 2.3. Bosch VeroCup 300 TIS30321RW
  • 2.4. Philips EP2030/10 Series 2200 LatteGo
  • 2.5. Siemens EQ.6 plus s700
  • 2.6. DeLonghi ECAM510.55.M
  • 2.7. Miele CM6350 LOWE
  • 2.8. Jura J6 Brilliant Silver

Main features a home coffee machine

To choose the best device for the home, taking into account the budget and capabilities, you need to understand what features are most important. First and foremost you have to pay attention to the following options:

  1. Type of cappuccinator.
  2. Use of beans or ground coffee.
  3. The range of beverages.
  4. Water purification and filtration functions.
  5. Jug and number of grind levels.
  6. Settings for temperature, coffee strength, etc.

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Features such as cabinet material do not always play a decisive role. The 2020 ratings include budget coffee machines with metal parts, as well as representatives of the premium segment, made of plastic.

The same goes for special features. Some of them are not needed at home and are more typical of professional devices. For example, a coffee machine with a connection to the water supply and sewage in the conditions of the house will not give significant advantages, but it can cost much more than analogs without this option. Otherwise, everything will depend on the budget and personal preferences.

Rating of the best automatic coffee machines for home

The line of coffee machines for home includes more than a hundred models from different manufacturers. In order to facilitate the choice and not to study the characteristics of all devices, it is necessary to highlight only the most reliable and advanced models. Rating of coffee machines 2020 from experts and users includes only proven leaders in the category.

Philips HD8827/09

One of the most popular budget coffee machines. It has a lot of advantages, although it belongs to the cheapest devices in the category (24-27 thousand rubles).

Philips HD8827/09, фото

The main advantages:

  • simple and reliable electronic control;
  • Ceramic millstones;
  • A metal grate-dropper;
  • Water filtration and self-cleaning system.

Also includes an automatic cappuccinator, which allows you to make drinks with milk. The disadvantages can be considered the grinder for 5 degrees of grinding, the plastic body and the need to whip the foam manually.

Krups Roma Black EA810870

Another coffee machine that ranks at the top of the 2020 budget rankings and is great for the home. It has quite compact dimensions and stylish design.

Krups Roma Black EA810870, фото

The main pluses:

  • Reliable controls (a mix of mechanical and electronic).
  • Metal grate for collecting droplets.
  • Ability to adjust the strength and amount of water for a portion.
  • Pre-wetting function for grains.

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This coffee machine makes a full range of drinks, although the manual cappuccinator can be considered a disadvantage. The average price is 29-30 thousand rubles.

Bosch VeroCup 300 TIS30321RW

A very high quality coffee machine from Bo$n is included in almost all the world ratings. Given its moderate price and ample opportunities, it is well suited for the home.

Bosch VeroCup 300 TIS30321RW, фото

Main advantages:

  • LCD display;
  • Ability to remove the brewing unit;
  • Metal parts in the body;
  • Ceramic grindstones;
  • Setting the amount of water and coffee strength;

The disadvantages are quite standard, inherent in all coffee machines in this price category in the rating – manual cappuccinator and only 3 degrees of grinding in the coffee grinder. The price is 35,000.

Philips EP2030/10 Series 2200 LatteGo

A very successful example from RYIrz, which deservedly enters the top of the popular coffee machines for home in 2020. Features a special cappuccinator (LatteGo technology).

Philips EP2030/10 Series 2200 LatteGo, фото

The main advantages:

  • Ceramic millstones with 12 degrees of grinding adjustment;
  • Preservation of up to 3 personal drinks with My Coffee Choice function;
  • Touch screen;
  • LatteGo cappuccinator;

The plastic body and the drip tray grid are among the conditional disadvantages. The average cost is 39-42 thousand rubles.

Siemens EQ.6 plus s700

One of the best coffee machines for home 2020 on the advice of professionals. Includes everything that home models require.

Top pros:

  1. Accelerated coffee making (19 bar pressure).
  2. Metal body.
  3. Personalization with 5 drinks saved.
  4. Allows the use of beans and ground coffee.
  5. Automatic cappuccinator.

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The only drawback that can be highlighted in this coffee machine – plastic drip tray (looks illogical with the metal body).

The average price – 89000 p.

DeLonghi ECAM510.55.M

One of the most advanced coffee machines of the brand DeLonghi. Refers to the premium class. An ideal choice for those who are deciding what coffee machine to buy for home with a full set of features.

Main advantages:

  • Quick preparation of two servings of a drink.
  • Advanced electronic control with remote access (IOS, Android) and Bluetooth module.
  • The use of ground and whole grain coffee.
  • Metal case.
  • Adjustment of drinks and saving your own recipes (personalization).

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This coffee machine has everything you need for both home and office, from a full range of functions to the backlight and cup warmer. The only downside. The only disadvantage is the price of 110,000 rubles, but it is justified by the capabilities of this model.

Miele CM6350 LOWE

The best ideas of Swiss quality are embodied in this coffee machine. Despite the relatively austere design, the reliability of the device just amazes. This is one of the best household coffee machines in the premium category in the 2020 rating.

Important advantages:

  • Automatic cleaning (programmable);
  • Advanced electronic control and LCD display;
  • Adjustment of temperature, strength and amount of water in a batch;
  • Removable brewing mechanism and height adjustment of the dispenser.

The only significant disadvantages at this price are the plastic housing and the droplet tray, as well as a small number of grinding levels (5 types). Price – 129 000 p.

Jura J6 Brilliant Silver

The most expensive coffee machine in the home category. Considered the best in almost all criteria. Has several patented technologies, such as high-speed brewing and coffee delivery. Includes all functions, from personalization to all kinds of timers and settings. The only possible drawback is the price of 150,000 rubles.

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