The delicate taste of vanilla cappuccino

The delicate taste of vanilla cappuccino

Vanilla cappuccino is not just coffee, but a dessert based on it, topped with a cap of thick milk foam, which looks appetizing, smells wonderful and tastes very pleasant.

History of the treat

The dessert owes its name to the monks of the Capuchin order. In medieval Europe, the church forbade the consumption of coffee beans. However, the ministers themselves loved to indulge in a cup of the invigorating beverage. To atone for the sin, the monks began adding goat’s milk to it. The resulting color matched the brown robes of the Capuchins. However, it was just a milk-coffee mixture. The recipe for the real Italian cappuccino was invented only in the 20th century.

Features of cappuccino

The classic recipe for vanilla cappuccino has only three ingredients: coffee, milk and vanilla. Only ground product is used for the preparation, with soluble product the taste and aroma will be quite different. Under the white foam hides the milk, and at the bottom there is a black strong espresso. It should be drunk with the foam, so that at the same time you can feel both the tart coffee and a delicate creamy flavor.

Vanilla can be added as you whip it up or sprinkled on top of the crema. If no natural spice is available, a small pinch of vanillin can be used.

Difference from other drinks

A vanilla cappuccino is not just a coffee-milk blend. It differs from lattes, macchiatos, and raff coffees, which also have a delicate cap, in formulation and proportions:

  1. The difference from a latte. A cappuccino is an espresso with milk foam, while a latte is more like a milk foam with coffee: it is only 1/5 of the total volume, and it is added at the end of preparation. The taste is sweeter and creamier, and the portion is larger – up to 400 ml.
  2. The difference from macchiato. Macchiato is stronger: in it, 1/3 of the foam emphasizes the taste of coffee, which is poured on top. The cocktail is made in three layers. Brown streaks form on the white background.
  3. Difference from Raff. The classic Italian drink with foam is prepared without sugar, and the milk product in it is used not the most fatty. While raff is a sweet, caloric dessert, because it includes cream and sugar. All the ingredients are whipped together, and the drink gets a light brown color and delicate consistency.

Капучино и кофейные напитки


The caloric value of vanilla cappuccino depends on the fat content of the milk product and the amount of sugar. A serving (150 ml) of the most dietary vanilla beverage with no sugar and 1.5% fat milk contains 55 kcal. The classic recipe, which has no sugar, and the milk product is 3.5% fat, tastes better, and the energy content is not much higher – about 60 kcal. The sweet version with the addition of cream is as much as 100 kcal.

Cooking Tips

The most delicious treat will turn out in a coffee machine: only the cappuccinator guarantees a perfect crema. Cappuccinator is the only way to guarantee perfect foaming. Heat it to a temperature of 70 -75°C. Pasteurized product with medium fat content (3%) gives the best thick whipped cap.

Making vanilla cappuccino at home with just a carafe is much more difficult:

  • strain the espresso made in the distiller;
  • use 10% cream. To achieve a dense cap of foam, you need to take the best ingredients;
  • whip the hot cream-milk mixture with a blender, mixer or whisk until a dense froth appears;
  • pour the drink into preheated 180 ml thick-walled cups.


Making vanilla milk coffee at home is unlikely to succeed on the first try. But after a number of experiments with the ingredients, temperature and whipping time, you can achieve a good result.

Капучино со вкусом ванили, фото



  • ground coffee beans – 2 tsp;
  • 3.5% milk – 50 ml;
  • 10% cream – 50 ml
  • vanilla – a pinch;
  • water – 100 ml.

Boil espresso in a turkey. Pour the milk-cream mixture into a saucepan, heat to 70-75 ° C, add the vanilla. Whisk with a mixer or blender until you obtain a stiff foam. This process takes 3 to 5 minutes. Pour the filtered espresso into a hot cup. Carefully pour the foam over the top of the espresso.


Having mastered the preparation of the drink according to the classic technology, you can try to complicate the recipe.

With yolk


  • ground coffee beans – 2 tsp;
  • sugar – 1 tsp;
  • egg yolk – 1 pc;
  • milk – 2-3 tbsp;
  • vanilla – a tip of knife;
  • water – 100 ml.

Separate the egg yolk from the white, beat with sugar (3-5 minutes). Add milk, vanilla and whisk until foamy. Boil an espresso in a turkey, pour it into a dry, heated cup, and place the egg and milk foam on top. Vegetarians use plant-based equivalents of animal products to make the smoothie: soy, almond or coconut equivalents.

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