Top 10 brands of instant coffee in 2019

Top 10 brands of instant coffee in 2019

The main advantage of this product is that it is easy and quick to prepare. All it takes to get real pleasure is to choose an instant coffee to your liking. The decisive criteria should be taste preferences and quality characteristics of the product. The first factor is strictly individual, but to determine the second, the following rating of the best brands will help you.

Bushido Original

Марка кофеThis coffee takes the lead in most of the ratings. The sublimate is made in Switzerland by order of a Japanese brand. The company has several types of instant coffee, but the Original is the most popular as a classic product.

The best beans from one harvest from plantations in South America are used as raw materials. The berries are carefully selected and roasted by hand. Only natural air cooling is used in the mountain factory, without the use of water. Secret Japanese processing methods help preserve all the flavor and aroma notes of the natural grains.

At an average strength of 3.2, Bushido Original seems stronger and fuller than counterparts with the same rating. The most delicious instant coffee has a natural aroma and a pleasant, bitter aftertaste. 100 g Original cost 500 p. Not easy to find the leader of the ranking on the shelves, not to mention the elite Bushido Gold for 1200 p.

Egoiste Noir

Вид кофе This joint German-Swiss project has production in both countries. The best, perfectly sorted and washed arabica from Kenya is delivered to the plants. The unique technology IN-FI (combination of instant and ground coffee) ensures long preservation of taste and aroma of light-brown pellets.

The rich aroma has become a recognizable feature when you open a can of Egoiste. Dark roasting of the beans gives this coffee a distinct, juicy taste with the addition of tart-fruity notes. a 100 gram can of the silver medalist of the top 10 best instant coffee costs 450 rubles.

Carte Noire Original

кофеCarte Noire coffee is made from premium Arabica beans in France. This product has nothing in common with the brand “Carte Noire”, except the coincidence of translation. Now production using the original technology has been opened in the Russian Federation as well. Therefore the product, which is on the list of elite instant coffee brands, is widely represented in stores.

A special roasting method called “fire and ice” helps to fully open the rich flavor potential of coffee fruits. Large light-brown pellets exude a similar aroma to the whole beans. Ready Carte Noire is quite strong, has a soft bitterness. The cost of 100 grams – 350 p.

Pure Arabica

Вкусный кофеGerman brand Today deliberately emphasized the quality of the grain composition in the brand name. Indeed, the flavor and aroma of the beverage are very similar to those of a brewed in a turk. Good raw materials plus the constant evolution of processing techniques – the perfect formula for the best instant coffee.

The granules dissolve quickly and evenly in water. Pure Arabica has a medium roast and a golden mean strength. These jars with a stylish design in milky coffee tones is impossible to pass by. However, for 95 g will have to pay about 380 rubles.

Taster’s choice

Качественный растворимый кофе The slightly immodest name “Gourmet’s Choice” is quite justified upon first encounter. For the convenience of customers, the Korean company divided products by strength. The red pack contains the strongest coffee, close to ground coffee. The yellow jar or pack contains granules with a medium caffeine content. Under the green label there is a decaffeinated “soft” waiting for the gourmet. The average price of 100 g is 300 p.

Good processing of this quality instant coffee is evidenced by the color and integrity of the granules, the absence of crumbling. And the noble raw material is expressed in the exceptional characteristics of the drink. This is a real, full-bodied espresso with a slight bitter-sour aftertaste.

In stores you can find Taster’s Choice of American origin. If you believe the reviews, it doesn’t compare to the Korean original!

Moccona Continental Gold

Растворимый The most popular Dutch coffee has long occupied a firm position in the domestic market. Well-recognizable can in the form of a cylinder, among other things, provides better preservation of flavor. “Moccona” offers instant coffee of different roastings, but in our rating is the most popular, classic formula – Continental Gold.

The freeze-dried coffee has a coarse size, dark brown color. The medium strength and mildness of the drink is complemented by a barely noticeable bitterness. On average, this beautiful jar from Europe weighing 100 grams costs 300 rubles.

Moscow Coffeehouse

Разновидность кофеThis product is made in the Moscow region from elite sorts of Arabica. The plant has almost 20 years of experience and a very good reputation. The quality of “coffee on the Pai” can safely be approximated to that of Europe. The granules have the same shape and color of light cocoa. Flavor and taste do not allow you to think about chemical enhancers. The product dissolves well in water and does not create a sediment. A 100g jar costs about 350 p.

Domestic brand is fully entitled to a place in the rating of good instant coffee 2019. However, Moscow coffee has always been the best in the Soviet (and “post”) expanses.

UCC Special

Ароматный кофеAnother “Japanese” in our rating. At home, this product is in great demand, and domestic coffee lovers love it. This instant coffee is produced from the highest grade beans, coming from the plantations in Ecuador and Brazil. As a result of selection, only the two best varieties were left.

The medium roast sublimate has a light natural hue. UCC is especially appreciated by fans of “soft” coffee. The drink has no astringency and bitterness, only a deep, noble taste with a fruity touch. The producer claims that this is due to the location of the plantations in the middle of lush gardens. Perhaps that’s why a 100-gram pack of Oriental exotics costs $400.

Jardin Filigrano

Выбор кофеThis Swiss brand has production in Russia. The company “Orimi Trade” implements foreign technology. Filigrano is made with a new formula “ground in soluble”. The coffee beans are sourced from Kenya and Colombia.

The drink has a medium strength. The natural coffee flavor is blended with fruity-vanilla notes. In addition to good quality, the consumer is attracted by the availability on sale and democratic price tag of 250 rubles per 100 grams.

Nescafe Gold

Популярный кофеThe rating completes one of the most popular domestic products. The brand has Swiss roots, but it is produced by the Kuban factory. Only good grains are sent to the assembly line and the observance of the original technology is strictly controlled.

Nescafe Gold refers to strong types of instant coffee. It contains 4% of caffeine. The absence of powder at the bottom of the jar and good, without residue, dissolving in hot water testifies to the quality of the coffee. The smell is much more pronounced in the package than in a cup. Of the drawbacks note a harsh aftertaste. But in the average price segment (180 rubles. per 100 grams) the product deserves a solid “five.

Every gourmand has the right to swap the numbers in the rating. Well … The main thing – drink only good coffee!

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