Top 5 brands of the best ground coffee

Top 5 brands of the best ground coffee

Few things compare to the pleasure of a cup of natural coffee in the morning. True, it makes a huge difference what it’s brewed from. Coffee drinkers with a long experience usually have a strict preference in brands. And for those who have not yet decided on their favorite drink or just don’t mind experimenting, we offer a rating of ground coffee in Russia by brand and quality. Choosing to try any product from the list is definitely not a waste of money.


Jardin, фото

The undisputed sales leader on the domestic market for several years now is the Russian brand Jardin. The secret of its popularity is the best quality-price ratio. The manufacturer is very picky about the quality of its raw materials: the factory buys only high quality seeds from Colombia, Guatemala and Ecuador.

The brand is available in a wide range of blends and mono varieties. Gourmet Coffee’s ground coffee line includes items:

  • Dessert Cup – strong, dark roasted;
  • classic Continental;
  • espresso Stile Di Milano with its tartness and almonds;
  • All Day Long – long-lasting vivacity.

For lovers of the soft traditional taste the “Continental” made from two types of Arabica medium roasted is ideal. This is the best ground coffee for the coffee maker. Coffee gourmands appreciate the depth, strength and spicy bitterness of Espresso Stile Di Milano. Minus – fans of the abundant crema of coffee Jardin is unlikely to like. On the other hand the price of 180-220ppm for 250g suits everyone.


Paulig, фото

This Finnish brand has a lot of fans and occupies a solid position in world rankings. It is also well liked by local coffee drinkers. Many long-time coffee aficionados claim it is the best ground coffee. Premium quality beans are sourced from Central America.

Two types of Paulig are represented in Russia: one is packaged in Helsinki, the other in Tver. Information about the origin of the product can be found by the code on the package.

In addition to different roasts, the manufacturer offers different grinds. There is a separate coffee for the turkey and even for brewing directly in the cup. To get a taste of how good Paulig’s ground coffee is, it’s worth buying the Presidentti line. This premium blend comes in three heat treatments:

  • light Original (strength 2), with a light, refined flavor;
  • medium Gold (3) – rich, sweetish;
  • extra Dark Black (5) – deep, dense, bitter.

Series Presidentti costs 300-350 p. for 250-gram packs. The same package of Paulig Classic costs 250 p. This ground coffee is of very good quality. It has a soft, noble taste with unusual nutty notes. Is it worth the extra charge? It depends on your preference.


Lavazza, фотоNo ranking of the best brands of ground coffee is without the great Italian Lavazza. The company buys the elite beans from different continents. On one of the coffee forums the phrase was encountered: “Everyone will find his own Lavazza!” This is probably the most vivid description of the rich range of blends and monosorts the company offers. However, in our country the whole line is available only in specialized stores. Only the most popular positions are widely available.

Qualita Oro is a good, truly Italian product. Brazilian Arabica medium roasted gives the drink a distinctly pleasant aroma and a spicy honey flavor. Qualita Rossa is appreciated by those who like to add milk. Thanks to the chocolate flavor of these ground beans you get a luxurious cappuccino and latte. 250 grams of Qualita Rossa in vacuum foil costs 240 rubles, while Qualita Oro costs almost 280 rubles. Many people don’t like the lack of a lock on the pack, and they are willing to overpay 30-40 rubles for a can of w/o.

Buying coffee in a soft pack, you should pay attention to the presence of a lock. Then the powder can not overpour into the jar. The lock will ensure the preservation of flavor. And to spill a good blend is unpleasant.


Egoiste, фото

The joint brainchild of the Swiss and German companies – the world famous brand Egoiste – is mainly famous for the best instant sublimate. But alas – it is not the most delicious ground coffee in the ranking.

The drink is absolutely pure composition, quite good and very invigorating. The origin itself inspires great confidence. Specialty beans from plains farms are used in the making. The most popular in the line is Noir. Due to its medium heat treatment, the coffee is devoid of bitterness. It has a mild, but expressive taste, which should not be spoiled by milk. Series Espresso is dark roasted, with hazelnut notes added to the bitterness. A nice bonus is the persistent foam.

Now about the disadvantages. According to some tasters, this ground coffee lacks flavor versatility, it is too one-note. The vacuum Espresso doesn’t have the most convenient valve. And “Noir”, at a price of 300 p. per 250 grams, is sold in a leaky bag.

Live Coffee

Живой кофе, фото

Another proof that it is possible to choose a good ground natural coffee among Russian brands. The honorable 5th place of the rating goes to a relatively young company Live Coffee with the famous brand “Live Coffee”. The main emphasis of the factory is that the beans are heat-treated here, nearby. Which means the customer gets fresh roasted beans without a long journey of thousands of kilometers. The customer receives the coffee in just a few days after roasting.

Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Colombia supply the raw product. The company buys only the best varieties.

Espresso collection is separate. Here a special love of the consumer is earned by Burbon from the elite Colombian Arabica. Thick drink has a pleasant acidity and spicy aftertaste. In the series of “Exclusive Coffee” connoisseurs distinguish Indonesia Sulawesi Kalossie, close to the traditional, but with a touch of cashew. Focusing on different contingents, the company produces products in a wide price range. A packet of “live” ground can cost as much as 150 or 350 rubles.

The list of exotic blends in this line is undoubtedly impressive! It is commendable that they have learned how to successfully experiment with varieties on our soil, producing a really high-quality and interesting product.

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