Turbine or coffee maker – classic or new technology

Turbine or coffee maker – classic or new technology

Most of all, the quality of the original product affects the taste of the coffee. But not the least of these is the appliance in which the drink is made. Coffee drinkers can not come to one opinion in the dispute about what is better, coffee maker or a turkey. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of the coffee maker

Рожковая кофеварка, фото

More and more often coffee lovers prefer a traditional brew to a drip, carob or geyser coffee maker.

A modern appliance, regardless of variety, is better than a jesma for several reasons:

  1. It requires less human involvement in cooking. It is enough to pour the ground coffee, pour water, turn on the device and wait. Many models have an automatic switch-off, delayed start and heating function.
  2. Cooking speed. To set the device to work, it takes no more than 3 minutes. A preheated carob coffee maker will make a cup of espresso in 25 seconds. And while the slower drip coffee maker is running, you can busy yourself laying the table or doing your kitchen chores: the automatic shut-off feature will keep the appliance from running idle.
  3. No grounds in espresso. Perhaps the only people who need sediment at the bottom of their cups are fortune tellers. In a coffee maker, particles are held back by fine filters, so you can drink the coffee down to the bottom. This feature is appreciated by lovers of coffee and milk drinks.
  4. Clean Table. The drink in coffee makers does not boil, so it can not escape from the container. There are special trays for collecting drips, which are easy to remove and rinse.
  5. You do not need a stove. The coffee maker can be put anywhere there is an electrical outlet.
  6. Flavor. Coffee powder is treated with hot (but not boiling) water under pressure, so the taste is better, richer than in a carafe. You can make real espresso, but also cappuccino, latte, macchiato and other specialty coffees with a bit of practice.
  7. Stylishly designed, this model is a true gem in the kitchen. Available in classic, minimalist and retro designs.

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Models with a built-in grinder make preparation as easy as possible: you can grind the right amount of beans to the right consistency just before brewing. The device will automatically measure the portion and select the desired mode.

Everyone decides for themselves where it is better to brew coffee, in a turkey or a coffee machine. After all, even modern household appliances have their disadvantages:

  1. High price. A quality device costs much more than a distillery. The price depends on the type of device, manufacturer and functionality. The drip one costs from 2000 rubles, and the pump-horn one – at least 4000 rubles.
  2. You can not influence the strength of the drink: a certain amount of coffee powder is put into the coffee maker.
  3. You can only experiment with the addition of milk or cream. There is only one option for black coffee – espresso.
  4. The coffee maker is a little longer and more difficult to clean than the turkey. You need to empty the filter with spent coffee powder, then wash it and the coffee and water containers.

Pros and cons of the distillery

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The classic brewpot continues to be popular even with the many different models of coffee brewers on sale.

Some of its advantages include:

  1. Affordable price and reliability. Turks are affordable to everyone: a small container costs from 300 rubles, while not needing additional accessories (e.g., replacement of filters) and repair. Serves for many years without any problems. And the cheap model is not inferior to the expensive model in terms of taste of the drink.
  2. Compactness. Turks will find room even in the smallest kitchen, besides it can be stored suspended due to its low weight and the presence of a loop on the handle.
  3. Mobility. You can’t take the coffee machine with you when you’re camping, but the metal roasting pot makes it easy to make coffee over a campfire.
  4. Flavor. Turkish coffee is not only delicious, but also very aromatic. Even the neighbors can sense the invigorating smell.
  5. Variety of flavors. Only in a turkey when brewing, you can add spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom).
  6. Easy care. After use, the turkey just need to be washed without detergents and dried.

There are also disadvantages of the distillery:

  1. Sediment on the bottom. Because of the grounds it is impossible to finish the cup to the bottom.
  2. The need to monitor the process. The slightest turn away – and the stove is filled.
  3. For the best extraction of aromatic substances coffee needs a certain grinding – fine.
  4. Long preparation. For a better taste of the drink it is recommended to use cold water and put the mortar on low heat. Therefore, the cooking time can be 7-10 minutes.

What to choose

For clarity, the main criteria on which to choose the device are presented in the table.

Parameters comparisonMakerCoffee Maker
Brewing timeapproximately 10 minutes2-5 minutes
Variety of drinksturkish coffee and spicesespresso, cappuccino, latte and more
Preparationeverything is done manuallysome processes are automated
Specialty beveragewith grounds, any strengthno grounds, any strength
Coffee powder to water ratioarbitraryprescribed by the instructions

To choose a coffee maker or a brewer, you should be guided not by fashion trends, but by your own preferences.

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It is better to buy a coffee maker, if:

  • you want to prepare real espresso and coffee and milk cocktails without sediment;
  • do not have time to stand at the stove, watching the rising coffee foam, or the desire to clean runaway coffee;
  • there is no stove (for example, in the office).

Turks are better to choose if:

  • the budget is small;
  • lack of space in the kitchen;
  • you want to brew coffee outdoors;
  • there is a desire to experiment with additional ingredients and richness.

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