Types of coffee drinks

Types of coffee drinks

It is not an easy task to list all the types and names of coffee: many drinks are made from coffee beans, and many nations have their own traditional recipes.

Some brewing methods have been known for a long time in eastern and African countries. A large number of recipes owe their origins to Italy, a trendsetter in coffee.

Coffee-based drinks differ in terms of the ingredients, proportions and ways of mixing. Some are led by a strong and aromatic espresso, others are milder in taste and are dominated by milk.

Coffee aficionados know the difference between lattes and cappuccinos and espressos, and doppio and lungo. And beginning gourmets need to get familiar with the basic concoctions so they don’t get confused when studying the menu at a coffee shop.


Coffee drinkers complement the classic espresso with sugar, milk or cream, lemon, alcohol and ice cream, or simply change the ratio of coffee to water. The result is more than a dozen recipes.


Figuratively, espresso is called coffee juice. A small (30 grams) portion of an exceptionally aromatic beverage, with a rich flavor, it needs no accompaniment. It is prepared from finely ground coffee in coffee machines or carob coffee machines under pressure, so it has a characteristic thick crema. Special “demitasse” cups are used for serving – small but thick-walled.


Доппио, фотоDouble espresso for those, who want to be properly invigorated. Volume of this drink is 60 ml. Same as usual, served without sugar and dessert.


Portion for literally one sip (up to 20 ml). Taste buds will be pleasantly surprised by the strength of taste of this concentrated drink. And the amount of caffeine per 100 ml is lower here due to the shorter brewing time.

Эспрессо, Ристретто и Лунго, фото


The opposite of ristretto. Increased brewing time and, consequently, the portion size – 50 ml. Strong and bitter option for the first half of the day.

Lungo, which is a similar volume to doppio, differs from it in its higher caffeine content, bitter flavor and less pronounced aroma.


The difference between an espresso and an Americano is the serving size and concentration of the coffee. It is 200-400 ml of espresso diluted with boiling water. The taste of the drink is unsaturated, so it is often supplemented with sugar and milk. It is served with dessert. Italians treat this type of coffee with disdain, considering it unpalatable.

Американо и эспрессо, фото

Romano (Roman style)

Кофе романо, фото

Strong black coffee with a slice of lemon, garnished with lemon zest, refreshing and serves as the end of the meal. Also good for invigorating and toning in the morning.


Кофе Макиато, фото

A small amount of foamed milk is poured into the espresso and dark coffee stains form on the surface. Because of the appearance of the drink and got the name: macchiato in Italian means “spotted”. In a transparent glass you can clearly see three layers with smooth transitions: milk, coffee and foam.


Кофе Коретто, фото

A portion of espresso with the addition of a small amount (10-15 ml) of strong alcohol. Grappa, brandy or sambuca are usually used, in a cafe you need to clarify what kind of an ingredient is needed. Popular during the cold season.

Con panna

Кофе кон панна, фотоUnderneath the whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon powder is espresso. A soft drink to end a meal. It is served with a spoon, as you must first eat the cream and only then drink it.

Irish (Irish coffee)

Кофе Айриш, фото

Unlike con panna it includes alcohol. Strong hot coffee and scalding Irish whiskey are softened in this recipe by cold whipped cream. The drink is very nice and delicious, but caloric. It is served in a special glass Irish glass with a handle.


Кофе Гляссе, фото

Glasse is a great solution for the summer heat. Chilled coffee is topped with creamy or vanilla ice cream in a 3:1 ratio. You can decorate the top with grated chocolate. Served with spoon.

Coffee and milk drinks

Coffee varieties in which the main ingredient is milk or cream are also very common. They contain less caffeine but more calories, have a delicate creamy taste, and often serve as stand-alone desserts. Sugar and various syrups are added to all types of coffee-milk cocktails as desired: the warm milk in their composition gives a slight sweetness.


Капучино, фото

The most popular type of coffee and milk cocktail. Milk foam coats the espresso, with twice as much milk as coffee. It is possible to add vanilla for aroma. Dense froth allows you to create patterns in the technique of latte art.


Латте, фото

The difference between a latte and a cappuccino lies in the proportions: here, milk predominates. The caffeine content is therefore not high, and this type of coffee cocktail is suitable for the evening. It is often accompanied by sweet flavored syrups.


Latte macchiato

Латте макиато, фото

A three-layer drink made of coffee, milk and creamy foam, usually served in tall glasses and drunk through a straw. More caloric than a regular latte.

Raff Coffee

Раф кофе, фото

A sweet and nutritious dessert type of coffee that includes espresso, cream, and vanilla sugar. All the ingredients are whipped together. Honey raff is also made.


Бреве, кофейный напиток, фото

This type of coffee drink is characterized by a small volume – 60 ml. It resembles a macchiato in composition, but this coffee-milk-creamy warm cocktail is not layered. The brew is not whipped, just blended. Good for evening coffee drinks.

Flat White

Флэт уайт, фото

The name translates to “flat white. It is a coffee (60 ml) with the addition of hot milk (120 ml) without whipping. It differs from cappuccino in the lack of crema. It is popular in Australia.

Mocha (mochaccino)

Мокко, фото

A chocolate-milk-coffee four-layer cocktail for the sweet tooth, served in tall glasses, decorated with foam and chocolate chips. A fully nutritious dessert with 260 kcal per 100 g.


Марочино, фотоDiet version of mocha for those who watch out for their figure. Coffee is mixed with whipped milk and sprinkled with cocoa. Suitable for a light snack while waiting for lunch.

As you can see, coffee can be very different, and everyone can choose several types to his or her liking.

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