What affects the strength of coffee

What affects the strength of coffee

Morning coffee is brewed not only to enjoy the taste and aroma. A small cup is enough to order your thoughts and improve your vitality. Real coffee drinkers know that a strong espresso is the only way to boost energy. But not everyone knows what’s behind it.

What factors does the strength depend on?

The term is denoted by the abbreviation TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), the concentration of solids dissolved in water. In a high-titre beverage, the percentage of ground solids ranges from 90 to 98 percent. These figures do not guarantee flawless taste or compliance with classic technology. The strength of the coffee depends on its caffeine content, which you can control by yourself:

  1. Set the ratio of ground grains to water. The more solids in the drink, the stronger it will be.
  2. The right recipe. The classic variant allows to prepare a strong drink, in which the aroma and flavor of a certain kind of grains is revealed as much as possible.

On the market there is often a substitution of the concept – the name of coffee is given not by the strength, but by the richness or tartness. There are many myths and misconceptions about the quality of the beans and the preparation of the beverage. There are three factors that influence strength:

  1. The way of brewing. The longer the extraction process, the stronger the coffee will be. The most “invigorating” is a beverage brewed in a fin, French-press, a jezezeve or a turkey. The main condition is that the brewing time should not be less than 4 minutes.
  2. Roasting. Often you might hear a customer asking: “Please advise me how to roast coffee, but not too much, because I find strong coffee unhealthy”. Thermal processing lowers the level of caffeine. Indexes drop slightly in the medium roasting, and in the dark roasted beans decrease several times.
  3. Varieties. Coffee varieties can be categorized by strength. The caffeine content in Arabica is 0.7-1.3%, but in Robusta it can be up to 2.7%.

Most blends add Robusta to the flavorful and mild Arabica to create a rich, deep flavor in the beverage.

Popular Strong Coffees

High caffeine content in beans is geographically related – the highest strength is noted in the varieties grown in the Middle East and Africa:

  1. Yemen Moco. The natural dry processing of the beans gives consumers a strong coffee with impeccable flavor properties.
  2. Costa Rica Alsace. The mild tropical climate and mineral-rich volcanic soil are ideal conditions for growing a natural product. The cleaning process leaves a sweet gluten on the grains, which take on a pleasant honey hue as it dries.
  3. Monsoon Malabar. The grains are exposed to the monsoon climate and are naturally processed – dried under natural conditions. The long aging and slow roasting allows a strong coffee with a rich flavor and subtle nutmeg sweetness.
  4. Uganda Robusta. Considered one of the strongest coffees in the world. Intense flavor with hints of dark chocolate will conquer the fans of the drink from the first sip.
  5. Paganini. The original blend consists of a quarter of Robusta and is produced by Sandali, an Italian company, specializing in the production of blends of unroasted beans. Full-bodied, strong coffee with an unobtrusive flavor and light acidity remains unchanged for many years.
  6. Jamaica Blue Mountain. This sort is easily recognized by its characteristic velvety and pleasant berry notes. The base – washed Arabica, grown on the fertile land of Jamaica. The only coffee in the world which is exported in wooden barrels. The complex and heterogeneous flavor with hints of peppery spices gives a variety of pleasant experiences.

The strongest coffee in the world is called Death Wish Coffee, which literally means “death wish.” Producers of this unique variety claim to have found the perfect proportion of coffee beans with the highest possible caffeine content and mild arabica flavor.

Death Wish Coffee, фото

The exporting country is India. The creator of the drink is American Mike Brown, who opened his coffee shop in a resort town in eastern New York State in 2008. While working, the guy made an unexpected discovery – more and more customers asked for a stronger coffee.

Mike tried all sorts of options until he came up with his own recipe based on samples from various producers. A cup of strong drink guarantees a double boost of energy, since a standard serving includes 54.2 mg of caffeine.

The beans are grown under organic conditions, so they fully retain their flavor properties, which medium roasting helps to reveal. The aggressive logo design of the extreme variety does not go unnoticed – a skull with bones warns that the drink is made for desperate and strong-minded coffee drinkers.

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