What coffee beans are best for the coffee machine

What coffee beans are best for the coffee machine

Choosing the right coffee brand after purchasing a coffee machine can be difficult. Of course, the main thing is the taste preference, but you also need to take into account the quality of raw materials, degree of roasting, price. Until you have a favorite brand, pick the best coffee beans for the coffee machine will help our rating.

How to choose the best coffee

The main parameter that affects the taste is the ratio of Arabica to Robusta. These are different types of beans. The arabica gives the main flavor shades, while the robusta is added for richness, bitterness and strength.

Robusta is not sour and has twice the caffeine content of Arabica. It also has a higher crema, which is needed for espresso. Arabica has a variety of nuances which depend on the country of origin of the beans. Hints of citrus, flowers and cocoa can be added. They reveal themselves in mono varieties – beans from a single crop, harvested in one country on a particular plantation.

The flavor characteristics of the drink largely depend on the country of origin. Kernels from Kenya, Ethiopia and Mexico have the greatest acidity, from Jamaica it is berry with a hint of pepper, from Brazil – a taste of roasted nuts and cocoa, from Guatemala and Uganda – notes of bitter chocolate. The least sour are Cuban, Dominican varieties and Indian “Monsoon Malabar”.

When choosing the best coffee beans for the coffee machine, you also need to decide on the degree of roasting:

  1. Light – retains the acidity and reveals the nuances of taste of the beans, but in the CIS countries is not very popular. Sometimes flavors of herbs, sweet notes are added. However, in an espresso machine, light roasting gives a lot of acidity.
  2. Medium is the most common, typical for espresso blends. It is with this roast that it is recommended to start choosing your brand of coffee for the espresso machine.
  3. Dark roast gives a bitter flavor with caramel overtones. As the roasting temperature increases, the sourish flavor completely disappears and a noble burnt and lingering aftertaste is added.

It is best to use coffee within 2 months after roasting the beans, allowable – within 4-5 months. After a year, they lose their flavor nuances, so it is important to watch the shelf life.

Top 10 Coffee Bean Brands for Coffee Machines

Every coffee drinker has his favorite variety and brand of invigorating drink. Still, you can make a rating, based on the quality of raw materials, the reputation of manufacturers, reviews.

Зерновой кофе, фото

10. Jardin

Jardin, фотоThis Russian grain coffee is perfect for the coffee machine: it’s strong and aromatic, 100% consists of arabica. Lovers of classic recipes will love Jardin Dessert Cup made from beans from Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala. Its taste has chocolate notes, and the aftertaste is bitter and honey. There are also monosorts in the assortment – for example, Jardin Sumatra mandheling with a persistent flavor of natural coffee without sourness.

9. Jacobs Monarch

Jacobs Monarch, фотоThis brand made it into the ranking of the best coffee beans for the coffee machine because of its good quality and low price. It contains a blend of Arabica from Asia and Latin America with Robusta. This coffee has a rich flavor with a slight bitterness and sour taste, an intense aroma and a long aftertaste. However, it is often packed with unroasted coffee beans.

8. Jockey

Жокей, фотоAnother inexpensive and high-quality grain coffee made in Russia, which is perfect for the coffee machine. It contains 100% Arabica from Brazil, India, and Bolivia, although sometimes you can find a few Robusta beans in the package. Medium roast gives a pronounced flavor with a sourness, a sweet and nutty flavor and rich aroma.


L’OR, фотоThis French brand has existed since 1992, but in Russia it appeared in 2010. There are only two kinds of grain coffee for coffee machines. Espresso Forza with its well-balanced bitterness, acidity and slight sweetness is good as a separate beverage, as well as a latte or cappuccino. Crema Absolu Classique, medium roasted, has a delicate flavor, which has no bitterness.


Saeco, фотоChoosing which coffee beans to buy for the coffee machine, it is worth paying attention to the brand Saeco. It contains Indian Arabica, which has long been underestimated in Russia. It has a bright aroma and a balanced taste with spicy, nutty notes and a refreshing bitterness. A little African Robusta is added for more strength. Saeco Gold brand of 100% Arabica has floral and chocolate nuances.

5. Carte Noire

Carte Noire, фотоThis coffee bean for the coffee machine contains 100% Arabica, mostly from Colombia and Brazil. The manufacturer roasts the beans using “Ice and Fire” technology, which helps bring out a rich flavor with sour, citrusy notes. Also this brand has a long nutty aftertaste.


Bristot, фотоItalian producer offers a lot of varieties of coffee beans for the coffee machine. The basis of the blend is Brazilian, Arabica and African Arabica, which can be mixed with Robusta. The beans are slowly roasted. This provides a smoothness with fruity notes and an aftertaste with a citrus flavor.


Ambassador, кофеMade from high quality Colombian Arabica, sometimes with the addition of Brazilian Robusta, Ambassador joined the rating of the best brands of coffee beans for the coffee machine and confidently took the third place. The assortment is wide, but especially popular is Blue Label. This is a medium roasted bean. A coffee machine beverage with a mild, not at all bitter flavor, with a slight acidity and fruity notes.


Paulig, фотоThis coffee for the coffee machine brand has a classic flavor and a warm, velvety taste with a distinct sour note. It contains Arabicas from South and Central America. Paulig Arabica Dark is stronger and more tart, while Paulig Arabica is softer and more acidic. There are special blends for the dark roasted espresso, which adds a bitter, nutty hint.

1. Lavazza

Lavazza, фотоOn the first line of the ranking is predictably located Italian coffee beans for coffee machines, popular around the world. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of beans. For example, Caffe Espresso is made from 100% Arabica beans from Africa and Central America, it is strong, but mild, without acidity and bitterness. Super Crema, made from Brazilian Arabica and Indonesian Robusta, has notes of spice and chocolate, and Oro is sweet with a distinct sourness.

To choose coffee beans for the coffee machine, you need to consider the variety, roasting degree and country of origin. On these factors depends on the taste and aroma of the drink. Experimenting with the strength and degree of grinding, you will find the combination that you can call the ideal.

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