What is the best coffee for a drip coffee maker

What is the best coffee for a drip coffee maker

The drip coffee maker is designed for making American-style coffee, also called filter coffee. The second variant of the name indicates how the drink is prepared: hot water goes through a filter filled with ground coffee, saturating its flavor. The result is a strong, aromatic beverage of low density. The size of grind is crucial for this brewing method. The degree to which the beans are roasted and the brewing time are also important.

The degree of roast

Medium roasted coffee is the most suitable for the drip coffee maker. The flavor is balanced, quite mild. Darker French coffee (especially Italian) is a bit of a connoisseur’s item. It tends to be a bitter beverage and may need to be softened with milk.

Choice of grind

A well-made filter coffee has no grounds, no suspended particles, so you can drink it down to the bottom. To achieve a clean drink, you need to use the right grind.

Капельная кофеварка, фото

Coarse coffee is better for a drip coffee maker than fine coffee. Look for the appropriate label or picture on the package. The appliance cooks a full cup in 6-8 minutes. During this time, the coarse particles have time to heat up sufficiently and brew. Coffee is full-bodied, moderately strong, without suspended weight and excessive bitterness. The ideal particle size is similar to fine crystalline sugar. Strong drinkers can choose a slightly finer grind.

The coarser the particles, the lighter the taste. The coarsest grind (like for a French press or a Chemex) is not good: it brews poorly.

A distinctive smell of burnt coffee beans and an unpleasant bitter taste will appear if the coffee powder is overheated. This happens if you use a fine or even a fine grind. Water struggles to pass through the thickness of the coffee powder, washing the maximum out of it. Cooking time increases. The drink turns out cloudy, with suspended particles. In addition, the caffeine content in it is higher.


Drip coffee makers use disposable paper filters or reusable mesh filters. Coarser filters (metal or nylon) retain only large grit. Paper filters are able to catch small particles as well, but a fine coffee beverage will still turn out bitter.

Modern equipment of medium and high price category may have additional option – grinding the beans immediately before brewing. Such units give the right fraction, so you can not look for the “right” ground coffee for drip-type coffee maker, and buy a grain and trust its grinding technique.

Spill speed

Not all appliances are capable of adjusting the speed of hot water to the filter with coffee powder. If there is such a function, you can try to make coffee of different strengths and intensity. Fast brewing means a less concentrated beverage. If you are patient and set the spout to minimum speed, the coffee will brew better.

In an appliance without spout speed control, it is the power that matters: a “weaker” appliance will heat water more slowly, hence the beverage will be stronger. The power of 800 watts is quite enough.

Most coffee makers use all the water placed in the top tank. In order not to get too watery flavor, you need to pour the volume you need, without a surplus. For a full-bodied drink, you need to keep the right ratio of water to coffee.

Overview of Popular Brands

Drip coffee makers are simple and easy to use: you do not need to have special barista skills to operate them. The key to a delicious drink – quality raw materials.
The majority of coffee brands have in their range of products, which is the best option for brewing this way. To choose a coffee for the drip coffee maker, first of all you need to pay attention to the grind.

Drip coffee makers have a higher coffee consumption than other brewing methods (60 grams per 1 liter of water, or 2 full teaspoons per 150 ml). Products suitable for them can often be found in large packages of 500 grams.

Lavazza Filtro Italiano Delicato

Lavazza Filtro Italiano DelicatoItalians love Lavazza brand and are proud of it. They have every reason to be: high-class specialists roast quality beans from all over the world and form unique blends.

This blend has a rich, harmonious taste with honey and chocolate nuances. Despite the small touch of Robusta, it is as delicate as its name promises.

Paulig Presidenti Original

Paulig Presidentti OriginalFinns love coffee and drink it by the liters. Almost everyone has a drip coffee maker with heating function: it’s the best way to have a cup of your favourite drink at hand at all times. Arabica from Brazil and Central America, lightly roasted (Scandinavian style) and coarsely ground, has a balanced flavor with a slight berry acidity.

Illy Filter Coffee

Illy Filter CoffeeThis premium product is a blend of nine Arabicas with a rich flavor. There is a slight acidity and a light noble bitterness, and a pleasant chocolate aftertaste. Many coffee connoisseurs consider Illy coffee the best for a drip coffee maker because of the exact matching grind size. It is sold in tins.

Mövenpick Der Himmlische

Mövenpick Der HimmlischeThis German-Swiss producer produces a traditionally high quality product. A blend of beans from different continents with a strong, full-bodied flavor and a distinct aroma in a medium roastery suitable for drip coffee makers.

Dallmayr Prodomo

Dallmayr ProdomoThis German mild roasted coffee is very mild: it doesn’t have any bitterness. It has a slight acidity, sweet aftertaste and a rich aroma. The Arabica for this brand is grown in the highlands of Ethiopia.

Kimbo Aroma Classico

Kimbo Aroma ClassicoA strong, yet gentle coffee, grown in Latin America and expertly roasted in Italy. An aromatic blend of Arabica and a touch of Robusta adds firmness and velvety touch to the beverage. It is suitable for all types of appliances: drip, carob, geyser.

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