What is the best coffee for a geyser coffeemaker

What is the best coffee for a geyser coffeemaker

The mocha, invented in France in the 19th century, has undergone some changes during its existence. Now it can be used to make delicious coffee without any special skills. But not every coffee is suitable for a geyser maker. The right grind is the prerequisite for making a good beverage.

Grinding size

In a geyser coffee maker, hot water passes through the pressed coffee powder, enriching it with valuable essential oils and caffeine. It is the size of the particles that determines the strength and richness of the drink. Fine coffee beans have a more concentrated flavor. The coarse fraction is used when you need more time for brewing.

Ideally for a geyser coffee maker, you want a medium coffee grind where the particles are the size of a grain of sand. You can’t get such a fraction if you use a rotary grinder, because you get different sized coffee particles and you don’t achieve uniformity of grindability.

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If you want to grind your own beans for mocha, you should use a millstone grinder with an adjustable grinder. The more homogeneous is the grinding, the more delicious is the drink.

Due to the increased demand for geyser appliances in the range of some manufacturers there is a product designed specifically for this method of preparation. To buy a coffee for a geyser coffee maker, you need to look for the label “Moka” or a hint picture on the package.

Also, the grind designed for espresso machines is quite suitable for mochas. It is considered universal. Some gourmets say that this fraction is too fine, the beverage will be bitter. But this is only true for a large-volume appliance with extended extraction time.

Not suitable for cooking in a mocha:

  1. Grinding to dust. The fine particles will form too dense a coffee tablet, and hot water will not be able to pass through it. Even if the drink is cooked, it will overheat and be bitter because over-extraction will occur. The filter will get clogged, and all the internal parts will need to be cleaned.
  2. Coarse grind. The coarse fraction that unfolds in drip coffee makers

will not produce a concentrated drink in the sink. The exception to this is the large containers, designed for 9, 12 or 18 servings. They have longer extraction time and standard fine grind gets overheated and starts getting bitter. On the other hand, coarse particles manage to give all the flavor and aroma to water during 1 liter of the drink.

Manufacturers of geyser coffee machines take 30 ml (a standard espresso) as a cup. Consequently, to brew a 180 ml mug of coffee, you need to have a capacity for 6 cups.

The same coffee may taste differently in different appliances. If the beverage in a geyser does not taste good the first time, it is worth experimenting with the grind and the coffee to water ratio.

An overview of popular brands

To choose the best types of coffee for a geyser coffee maker, you need to pay attention to the degree of roasting and grinding. In a mocha, it is better to prepare a product of medium roast (Full City or Vienna). The grind should ideally be intended for this type of appliance, but you can also use brands for espresso. The ranking of ground coffee for mochas includes products from proven brands from Italy and Finland.

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Classico

Lavazza Crema e Gusto ClassicoBlend of the legendary Italian brand reveals in a geyser coffee maker a soft, creamy taste with hints of spices and spices. The blend consists of the highest quality Brazilian Arabica (30%) combined with Robusta (70%) that makes the drink dense. Suitable for all cooking methods, including Mocha.

Illy Moka

Illy MokaFor several decades, the company’s staff worked hard to create a product perfect for geyser coffee makers, so popular in Italy. A blend of nine Arabicas, rich in flavor and pronounced aroma. The medium roast has a distinctly caramel flavor, and for those who like bitterness, we recommend a darker roast. Also suitable for filter coffee machines. For many years it retains its characteristic coffee aroma.

Paulig Espresso Originale

Paulig Espresso OriginaleOf the well known Finnish brand Paulig, this dark roasted coffee is best enjoyed in a mocha. Brazilian and Colombian Arabica has a nutty-chocolate flavour and a pleasant aftertaste, while the addition of 20% of Robusta makes the drink dense and full. Grinding size is suitable not only for espresso, but also for mocha.

Pellini Top

Pellini TopThis blend of eight high-mountain arabica varieties from different continents has a chocolate flavor and fruity floral aroma. The beans are lightly roasted and give a harmonious and mild flavor, which the manufacturer does not recommend to be interrupted by sugar. Also worth trying is a product designed specifically for geyser coffee makers – Tradizionale. Its grind corresponds to the conditions of brewing in a mocha as much as possible.

Hausbrandt Nero

Hausbrandt NeroMedium roasted Italian coffee has a universal grind. Notes of caramel and chocolate give the taste richness and fullness. Addition of 10% of Robusta makes the drink dense.


Caffe New York Macinato Moka

Caffe New York Macinato MokaGround coffee consists of 85% Central American Arabica Specialty beans and 15% – from the exclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain (the most expensive coffee beans). The taste is balanced, with notes of bitter chocolate and a nutty aftertaste. The grind is designed for mochi – it is pictured on the packet. Many coffee drinkers believe that this is the best ground coffee for a geyser coffee maker.

Caffè Vergnano Miscela Arabica Mokka

Caffè Vergnano Miscela Arabica MokkaThis Italian medium roasted coffee is not the strongest, but very flavorful. Blend of nine varieties of Arabica has a rich flavor with notes of walnut and orange. The flavor is chocolate and floral. Special grinding is ideal for use in a mocha. Comes in a tin can.

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