What to do if I lost my card?

What to do if I lost my card?

Loss of the card is certainly unpleasant, but it can happen to any of us. The main thing in this situation – do not panic and immediately begin to act.

Have you lost your credit card? Block it!

If you’re sure your credit card isn’t lying on a nightstand somewhere at home, the first thing you should do is call the bank’s Help Service and block the credit card. Help Desk phone numbers are listed in your contract, as well as on any ATM or the bank’s website.

Re. To find out your bank’s card blocking procedure, go to the «Help» section. The bank’s help section has detailed instructions.

You’ll be asked a few questions that the bank officer can use to figure out if you’re really you. Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to give control information – a code word, which you gave when you opened the card account.

In some banks you can send a text message about losing your card using “Mobile bank”. Also in a number of credit institutions it is possible to block the card directly on their official website.

As a rule, any verbal appeal of the cardholder should be supported by a written statement about the loss. Usually you need to come to the bank branch within two to three days after the blocking call. Some banks allow you to submit such a statement by fax, in which case you will need to specify not only your full name, phone number and date of birth, but also the place of receipt of the credit card, its type and currency.

If you lost your passport with the card, the application can be submitted with a driver’s license or other ID with your photo on it.

After sending a message about the blocking through the “Mobile Bank” a written application is often not required (but it is better to clarify this with the employees of the particular bank).

How do I restore my card?

When you come to the bank to apply for the loss of the card, you will immediately leave an application for reissue of the card as well. If you are far from the city where you received your credit card, you can go to any nearby branch of a particular bank. Employees of that branch will send your application to the branch that issued the card. Remember to specify whether you want a new card in the branch you applied to or in your own city.

For early reissue of the card usually take a fee (from 30 to 200 rubles), it can be withdrawn off the account or in cash.

The period for issuing a new card varies from bank to bank, but in most cases you must wait from two days to two weeks. The card account number remains the same but the card number and PIN-code will usually be different.

Can I withdraw money if I have lost the card?

You have the right to demand to withdraw money from the lost card – usually credit institutions are very accommodating and will not refuse. To do this you should contact the bank with your passport and, in addition to the application for reissue of the card, write another one – for withdrawal of cash from the card account.


Never leave your card in plain sight;

Do not keep the card and PIN-code together;

Never (!) write your PIN-code directly on the card;

Write down the phone number of the bank’s help service in the telephone book in advance (just in case);

When withdrawing money from ATMs or paying with your card, cover the keypad with your hand when entering the PIN-code.

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