What’s better, a geyser coffeemaker or a brew

What’s better, a geyser coffeemaker or a brew

The traditional way to make coffee on the stovetop is to use a turkey, or jesewa. But when Italian Alfonso Bialetti patented a geyser coffee maker called the Moka Espresso in the 1930s, the turkey had a serious competitor.

Some coffee drinkers remain faithful to the usual way of brewing their beverage, while others prefer coffee made in a geyser. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Make a choice in favor of a turkey or geyser coffee maker will help a detailed analysis of their properties.

Features of use

Both devices are suitable for use on an electric or gas stove. However, with the same heat, a geyser will require a little more time to prepare a portion, because in this case the water must not only boil, but also rise into the upper container. You can speed up the process by pouring already hot water into the lower tank, but in this case there is a risk of burning.

Turkka saves the time of its owner also because it is much easier to clean. But with a geyser coffee maker will have to work hard: to release the filter from the coffee tablets, wash it and the upper bowl, rinse the bottom water tank. Before assembling the moka, you need to let the parts completely dry. In a closed wet geyser, an unpleasant musty smell may appear.

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Clean coffee utensils should not use hard scrubbing sponges and abrasive detergents: if you damage the inner walls, the drink will take on a metallic taste. Coffee oils don’t have to be completely washed.

On the other hand, having a washer can not be monitored continuously. A soft buzzing sound will let you know that the process is complete. Even if you miss this point, the coffee won’t run off on the stove like it does from a turkey, it will just overheat and become less tasty.

Care must be taken with the geyser coffee maker: the device has a safety valve through which excess steam is released to reduce pressure. It is difficult to make two coffees in a row: to do this, you have to disconnect the hot parts, and then reassemble the coffee maker.

A geyser coffee maker or a brew will be equally useful in a camping trip if they are made of metal. Tasty drink can be brewed even on the fire, on hot coals. And for those who can not refuse the benefits of modern civilization, there are electric geyser coffee makers and brewers.

Sometimes the upper cup of the coffee maker is made of glass or transparent plastic. In this case, you can watch the process. With a metal or ceramic bowl, you can remove the lid to see the “eruption” of the geyser.


The difference between a geyser coffee maker and a turkey also manifests itself in the taste of coffee. In the former, the drink is rich, fragrant, very similar to espresso from a coffee machine, only without the foam. However, some modern models are designed specifically for lovers of delicate crema, which is obtained thanks to a special valve. Mocha coffee is also appreciated for the lack of grounds at the bottom of the cup.

The taste of coffee from a geyser coffee maker depends entirely on the quality of coffee beans and the size of grinding. You can not influence the strength of the drink, use any additives (spices, syrups). There is even no possibility to choose the portion size: a maker makes a certain number of cups from a certain amount of ground coffee.

The geyser coffee maker is not only for making coffee. It is suitable for making tea or herbal infusions.

In the brewer coffee drinks are prepared according to a variety of recipes: with spices, salt, syrups. Strength depends on the amount of coffee used, so it can be adjusted independently depending on your preferences.

It is possible to make the drink richer in a pot by brewing it several times until it is foamy. From the same amount of coffee, a turkey brew will have more caffeine than a geyser brew. You can make less coffee in a geyser by pouring water below the neck, but it will not taste as rich.

Size and storage conditions

The difference in size between a turkey and a geyser coffee maker is negligible. The one-cup turkey is quite small, but the long handle makes any geyser less compact. Nevertheless, it will easily fit on a kitchen shelf or in your luggage. The most popular capacity is 250-350 ml. You can find large 700 ml jars.


Often there is a small ring on the handle for hanging storage. Special conditions do not need to be created: metal dishes are not afraid even of falling. But with glass and ceramic jezza you need to be more careful.

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Moki can be very small – 60 ml. Medium-sized 240 ml and 360 ml are also common. Some are bigger – up to 540 ml. The geyser coffee maker is a little higher than the brew as it has two reservoirs. However, it has a more compact handle, so it’s even easier to squeeze it into a limited space.

Any geyser is undesirable to drop: if the cups are bent, the seal between them can be broken. A ceramic model will break if dropped.

Which is more profitable

Geyser coffee maker differs from the brewers at a higher price. For a geyser of 250-400 ml you will have to pay 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Steel ones are cheaper than ceramic ones, but they can give the drink an undesirable metallic taste. However, over time, it disappears.

A good quality jesaw of the same volume will cost 800-1200 rubles. Copper ones are cheaper, ceramic ones are more expensive. The most affordable, aluminum ones, cost even less, but they are uncomfortable to use and the coffee in them is not good.

Both devices can last for many years. But in a geyser coffee maker, the filter and gasket need to be replaced periodically. Their wear is indicated by the appearance of grounds at the bottom of the cup. You can find parts only in specialized stores, and the average price of a repair kit is about 200 rubles.

The final choice

Geyser coffee maker is better to choose if:

  • your favorite option is a classic espresso
  • ;

  • do not want to wash the stove after escaped from the carafe coffee;
  • you also need to make tea.

It is better to choose a turkey if:

  • want to experiment with different additional ingredients and intensity;
  • you want an invigorating drink;
  • you do not want to overpay and buy spare parts;
  • you need to brew many servings in several batches.

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