What’s the best way to drink coffee with – picking the perfect tasty treat

What’s the best way to drink coffee with – picking the perfect tasty treat

Coffee is a delicious and flavorful drink, even in its pure form. However, many people supplement it with various additives and sweets. Coffee combines with a variety of products that allow us to discover new, sometimes very unexpected, flavor combinations.

Traditional additives

To make the taste more delicate or, conversely, more pungent, classic black coffee is drunk with:

  1. Sugar – only ¼ tsp. per cup can soften the taste and tint the natural bitterness. You can use natural sweeteners such as stevia or agave syrup in a healthy diet (PP).
  2. Milk, cream – they make the taste softer. The higher the fat content, the richer the drink flavor.
  3. Proponents of PP recommended to use soy or almond milk, which gives additional flavor and aroma, and does not require the addition of syrup.
  4. Spices and spices. Cardinally change the bouquet cloves, vanilla. With cinnamon and cardamom you can drink coffee with a proper diet – these additives will give an interesting touch to the usual taste, and also will not allow the blood pressure to rise much.
  5. Honey is a natural substitute for sugar, which enriches the coffee flavor. It is better not to add it to the drink, as it loses its useful properties when heated, and eat it in a snack, as a dessert. Honey is also allowed in PP, but only in small doses.
  6. Alcohol. You can add a couple of teaspoons of brandy, rum, brandy or liquor. In a hot drink, the alcohol will evaporate, but leave a rich flavor and aftertaste.

Кофе с десертом, фото

A cup of black coffee contains only 1-2 kcal, but a little milk and sugar raise its caloric value to 54 kcal. Therefore, the drink in its pure form is even welcomed in the PP system due to its stimulating effect and metabolism boosting. But you have to be careful with additives.

By the way, coffee shops serve water with espresso. There’s a reason for that. A sip of clean water before drinking a cup of coffee helps clear the taste buds and get a better feel for the bouquet. An espresso also often makes people thirsty. Very strong coffee is drunk in small sips, alternating with water to mute the bitterness.

What desserts go well with coffee?

Coffee and sweets are a favorite combination of many fans of this drink. For example, espresso is great with:

  • meringue;
  • chocolate;
  • cream sausages;
  • panacotta;
  • chocolate-covered nuts.

On PP you can also treat yourself to an espresso with a slice of chocolate, but it’s better to choose a natural one with a cocoa bean content of 75% or more. By the way, this delicacy stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of pleasure.

Oriental coffee can be served:

  • candied fruit;
  • sugar cane candy;
  • halva, Turkish delight, baklava;
  • marshmallows and marshmallows – they are allowed, and those who are on a diet.

Surprisingly, caramel and marmalade are not recommended for coffee. On the other hand, if this combination is to your liking, why not.

In Russia and all over Europe, coffee drinks with milk are popular – cappuccino, latte, and macchiato. They are harmoniously complemented by pastries and desserts:

  • croissants – together with espresso make a great breakfast;
  • brownie – it emphasizes coffee base and is recommended for cappuccino
  • ;

  • cheesecake – makes a successful combination with latte milk flavor;
  • cookies – soft crackers are recommended for latte
  • and macchiato and muffins for cappuccino;

  • creamy desserts with butter, milk, cream, almond chips;
  • pancakes and cookies made from oatmeal, bran, and fiber are a great addition when keeping your figure.

Кофе и десерт, фото

Another popular addition to the invigorating drink is fruit. Adherents of PP are better to drink coffee with a slice of lemon, oranges, peaches, green apples, kiwi. Grapefruit and pineapple have a fat-burning effect. Melon and watermelon are not recommended, since they increase the diuretic effect.

What else can you drink coffee with?

Not only sweets and cakes are great with espresso. It’s even pleasant and healthy to drink coffee with cheese, as it makes the taste of the strong, freshly brewed beverage softer and more subtle. In addition, this combination is a hearty breakfast and does not contradict the concept of good nutrition.

Even better with coffee is cottage cheese. In general, this drink has a diuretic effect and washes calcium out of the body. Therefore, adding dairy products to espresso can replenish the supply of this vital mineral in the body.

How to choose the right supplement

To choose the right supplement and enjoy new facets of flavor and aroma, consider the following rules:

  1. Suitable for sweet coffee are delicate treats.
  2. A multi-component drink (with milk, cream, syrup
  3. , cinnamon) should be accompanied by simpler desserts.

  4. Sugar-free espresso is ideal with sweet fruits and desserts and strong alcohol.

Thus, with an invigorating drink combine a variety of products. So feel free to experiment and enjoy new shades of taste and aroma.

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