Which coffee maker is better, capsule or carob

Which coffee maker is better, capsule or carob

Deciding which device to choose is not an easy task. Both carob and capsule coffee makers are inexpensive and help you effortlessly get a fragrant, rich coffee in just a few minutes.

On the one hand – a modern capsule technology, which bribes with its ease of use and high taste characteristics, on the other – the usual carob technology, giving the user a wide range of options for adjusting the taste and strength of coffee. We will tell you a few features of each device, which will help you make the right conclusions and buy the right machine.

Cost comparison

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The price of a capsule coffee maker is from 2500 p. and above. But this is not the end of the material costs for the consumer. Every time he wants to have a cup of an invigorating drink, he will need a disposable capsule with coffee powder. The cost of 1 capsule can be from 30 to 60 p.

The price of a carob coffee maker is usually a little higher and starts at 3,500 p. The price depends on the water tank capacity, design, manufacturer, capacity, pressure capacity, cone material, control elements, etc. Most often, the underlying factor in the price of the device is the steam pressure, which is measured in bars. Coffee machines with pressure of 4 bar can cost 3500-4500 p., 15 bar – from 7000 p. Pressure is responsible for the following parameters: richness, flavor, aroma, brewing speed. Some varieties reveal their taste only at a certain pressure.

Carob coffee machines have a slightly higher price than capsule coffee machines, but in the future you do not need to spend money to buy capsules which are not cheap.

Which one is more convenient to use

The main difference between a capsule and a carob coffee maker is the ease of use. The capsule technology wins in this respect. You insert a single-use hermetic capsule into a special compartment to make your coffee. Inside it there is a pressed coffee powder (7-9 g). When the device is turned on, it is opened and its contents are mixed with hot water or steam (depending on the model: pump or steam coffee maker), which is fed under high pressure.

The beverage is ready in about 30 seconds. The device does not require any maintenance, you do not need to wash anything (if necessary, only external contamination). Among the recommendations of the manufacturer: change the cartridge for descaling once every 4 months with regular use of the device.

In horn models, the user needs to manually tamp the coffee powder, using a special tempter for this purpose. It is very important to create the same density of particles and squeeze out all the air. Only in this case, the water evenly soaks the entire mass, and it has no bypass paths to pass through. The coffee turns out delicious and fragrant.

There are also models on sale that involve the use of chalds rather than ground coffee. This is a batch of coffee powder packed in a perforated filter bag. This eliminates the need to thoroughly wash the cone after use and every time to measure out the desired portion. These machines are more expensive.

In addition to the fact that to brew a drink in a carob coffee maker need to spend much more effort, time, another thing the machine requires regular care, periodic decalcification.

The main advantage of a capsule coffee maker over a carob or any other is that you don’t have to put much effort into making your favorite beverage.


Both coffee aromas and richness are at a high level. In a capsule coffee machine, the taste is close to perfect, and failed brewing is reduced to a minimum. After all, the user prepares from fixed ingredients with precise dosage.

However, when buying a coffee machine with capsules, the buyer should be prepared for a serious disadvantage of this machine. Among the capsules offered by the manufacturer there may be no favorite kind of coffee. In this case, you will have to make do with what is on sale. This disadvantage is partly compensated by the low price of the device.

Unlike the capsule coffee maker, carob coffee maker provides a wider range of options for brewing coffee. The user can always select the degree of roasting, grind and adjust the strength of the beverage. He is not tied to a particular manufacturer and can always make coffee from his favorite variety.

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What type of coffee maker to buy

Deciding which coffee maker to choose, capsule or carob, it is extremely undesirable to be guided solely by the cost of the device itself.
Capsule coffee makers, although cheaper, but costly to operate. The user will have to constantly buy disposable capsules (a pack of 10 capsules costs 300-600 p.). If you overpay a little and buy a carob one, you won’t have to spend later on expensive consumables. In the end, the material costs may be about the same.

When choosing, you should be guided by the following parameters:

  • the number of people who will use the device;
  • ease of use;
  • variety of flavors.

The capsule machine is not suitable for a large family, where everyone drinks coffee more than once a day. It is relevant for the use of 1-2 people who do not want to burden themselves with a long preparation of coffee drinks, drink them not very often and do not want to bother with regular care of the device.

If the buyer is a real coffee enthusiast, used to experimenting with different varieties, strength, roast, etc. parameters, and the process of brewing an invigorating drink is a favorite ritual, the carob model is the right choice.

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