Which coffee maker is better, drip or capsule

Which coffee maker is better, drip or capsule

In the budget price segment, the choice of coffee makers will most often stand between capsule and drip models. The principle of their work differs significantly, but both options are very popular. To understand which coffee maker is better, drip or capsule, you need to study the principles of their work, advantages and disadvantages. This will help you make the right decision and buy the best device to create coffee drinks.

What are the differences between the devices

On the principle of operation, the differences between drip and capsule coffee makers are cardinal. Despite the fact that both devices belong to the category of coffee makers, the latter are often equated with automatic coffee machines. Drip, on the contrary, are often referred to the most simple and primitive designs.

The main differences and features of capsule models:

  1. Brewing is based on the effect of a jet of steam, which is pressurized and passes through the ground beans.
  2. Prepared capsules are used (they are pierced during the brewing process and are considered disposable. Each one is designed for one serving).
  3. A wide range (tea, cappuccino, espresso, etc.).
  4. Because of the complexity of the mechanism in terms of frequency of breakage occupy the leading places.
  5. Fast preparation (from 45 to 90 seconds).
  6. Partial automation of the process (do not need constant cleaning).
  7. Low cost.

These models are better suited for those who do not like to wait long and clean the coffee maker after each use.

Features of the drip type:

  • designed only for brewing americano;
  • preparation is done by heating water, which gradually drips into the filter and falls into a common tank;
  • have a simple and robust design (almost never break);
  • to prepare one cup takes 1.5-2 minutes;
  • are suitable for simultaneous brewing of a large number of servings (usually the filter and jug are designed for 8-10 servings);
  • have the lowest price of all electric coffee makers.

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Despite the difference between capsule and drip coffee makers, both types consume almost the same amount of power (1000 to 1400 watts). The most significant differences between the two types are speed and comfort in use.

To create coffee in capsule models, all you have to do is insert a capsule and pour water into the reservoir. After its processing, the coffee cake will go into a special container, which will need to be cleaned as it fills. But the filters and strainers of drip devices will have to be refilled every time, and after use carefully wash the container and glass bowl.

Pros and cons

Before you choose a drip or capsule coffee maker, you need to study the list of pros and cons of each device.

Advantages of capsule models:

  • better suited for offices or large families;
  • possibility to prepare different beverages, including those with milk;
  • do not require constant care;
  • no risk of spoiling the taste due to improper preparation (the quality depends on the capsule).

Despite the large number of advantages and partial automation of brewing, such models are not always the best. The main disadvantage is the price of pressed grains. Even with moderate use (2-4 cups per day) the total expenditure on capsules exceeds the consumption of conventional ground coffee by 3-5 times. So if you’re on a tight budget, you’re better off with a different kind.

The second major disadvantage can be the limitation of choice. You will always depend on the manufacturer and the quality of raw materials, and you can use ground beans at will only with universal reusable capsules (although their constant filling kills all the advantages of the coffee machine – speed and comfort).

Advantages of the drip category:

  • will be better for those who prefer Americano (as the only option available);
  • the use of reusable filters allows you to save a lot of money (replacement is done every few months);
  • you can prepare a large number of servings at once;
  • you can use any ground coffee.

The main disadvantages are the narrow range of drinks (only make Americano). Due to the lack of cappuccinator it is also impossible to create milk foam. Therefore, if you like to drink espresso, latte, cappuccino and other drinks, it is better to give preference to other options.

In general, a drip coffee maker differs from a capsule coffee maker both in the operating principle and in its capabilities. If the choice is based on budget and savings, it is better to lean towards the first type. Such devices are simple, unpretentious, although they will require constant intervention (filling of containers, manual cleaning, etc.).

If the main criteria are variety (especially espresso), speed and comfort in use, it is better to choose the second option.

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