Which coffee maker to choose, a geyser or a drip

Which coffee maker to choose, a geyser or a drip

Despite the advent of coffee machines, these simple and cheap gadgets for creating coffee continue to be very popular. What’s more, coffee experts often insist that the flavor of quality beans can only be revealed by primitive “manual” brewing, which adds to its value.

Despite the considerable similarities, it is impossible to state unequivocally which coffee maker is better, the geyser or the drip coffee maker. In order to identify the best way to make coffee, you should consider all the advantages of these varieties.

Cost and Operation

The price range for both categories of coffee makers is small. This is due to the fact that they belong to the budget segment. The cheapest drip coffee makers cost from 350 rubles. Basically, these are devices of the “mini” category or made of the cheapest plastic.

The average cost of filter coffee makers of good quality – from 1100 to 3000 rubles. Such models are equipped with a jug of heat-resistant glass, heating system and even timers. Can have a stainless steel body. The cost of premium drip coffee makers reaches 10-12 thousand rubles. They have electronic control, a built-in coffee grinder and other advantages.

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The price range for geyser coffee makers is slightly lower. The cheapest ones cost 400-600 rubles, and the most expensive ones cost 4000-6000. Geyser coffee makers with electric heating are more expensive, their cost varies from 5000 to 9000 p.

Excluding models designed for a large number of cups, the products of elite brands and devices with unreasonably expensive “luxury” (such as handles of expensive wood), the average price of a geyser coffee maker ranges from 1000 to 2000 p. For this price you can get “unbreakable” and high quality device that will serve for years. The body material does not depend on the price, in 98% of cases aluminum or stainless steel is used.

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While there is almost no difference in cost between the two types of devices, when it comes to operation, the differences between a geyser coffee maker and a drip coffee maker are more significant. Filters, which are required for drip models, play a key role. Manufacturers produce three kinds:

  1. Disposable – made of special paper.
  2. Reusable ones made of nylon, designed for long-term use. Easy to wash out and differ from disposable ones by the presence of a frame. They are designed for 50-60 brewings.
  3. Reusable and reinforced – have a nylon frame and metal (or nylon with metal coating) mesh. Designed for 110-120 welds.

Despite their ease of use, disposable filters are unprofitable in price. Nylon ones cost an average of 200 to 350 rubles. With a metal mesh – 300-500 p.

Geyser coffee maker initially contains everything you need for brewing (metal filter and container for coffee powder), therefore, the cost of operation after purchase is 0 rubles.

Convenience and comfort in use

In terms of convenience, the geyser coffee maker does not differ much from the drip coffee maker. Both devices have the same disadvantages:

  • before each brewing, it is necessary to pour the ground beans into the container;
  • after each serving, the filter must be cleaned and rinsed.

If we consider the advantages, the drip models are ahead of the geyser ones. Among the main advantages should be highlighted:

  1. It takes about 2-4 minutes to brew one serving (versus 7-8 minutes for geyser ones).
  2. Even inexpensive devices can cook a large amount of drink (almost all devices are designed for 8-10 servings).
  3. Does not require constant presence – just fill the ground coffee, water and start the brewing process.
  4. They work with electricity, which means you do not need to use a stove or heating devices.

In drip models, unlike geyser models, the coffee does not splash. Also, the built-in heating system (or delayed timer) allows you to get a hot beverage at any time.

Geyser coffee makers have the advantage of being compact in size and independent of mains power, which makes them more portable. They can be used both on the stove and on an open fire (but remember that not all models are suitable for induction).


When comparing flavors, the difference between a drip coffee maker or a geyser coffee maker will be significant. Both varieties are designed to make the same kind of coffee. For the drip, it’s a classic Americano, but the geyser allows you to make a strong espresso.

The principle of drip filtration is considered one of the most primitive brewing methods. Heated water is gradually pumped into a powder container, after which the liquid is strained through a filter and falls into a jug. No additional influence on the ground coffee occurs, that’s why the drinks are characterized by a weak taste and aroma. In fact, the essence of the drip coffee maker is the usual heating and delivery of water, which, if you want, can be done even manually, having only a filter and ground coffee.

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Despite its simple design, a geyser coffee maker has a more complex brewing principle. Unlike drip models, where heated water enters the filter, in geyser devices the ground beans are processed under the influence of hot steam. It is formed by heating the bottom of the coffee maker (fire or built-in electric heating system), and then it is pushed up through a tube. The steam passes quickly through the ground coffee tank which makes the taste of the drink more pronounced and bright. Also this beverage does not contain any grounds.

The question of which coffee maker to choose, a geyser or a drip, should be approached with the priorities in the choice of beverage. A geyser coffee maker will be the best choice if you:

  • love strong espresso
  • with a rich flavor and aroma;

  • you like to make coffee on a gas/electric stove;
  • do not make more than 3-4 cups at a time (only the most expensive varieties can make 7-8 cups, the price of which is unreasonably high);
  • you do not want to bother with buying and changing filters;
  • are ready to spend 7-10 minutes for brewing one or more servings.

Drip models are suitable if you:

  1. You like an Americano with a mild taste and without the inherent bitterness of espresso.
  2. Prepare coffee in big quantities (7-10 cups).
  3. Don’t want to depend on gas stove.
  4. You want to use preheating to keep your beverage warm.
  5. You want to brew not only coffee, but also tea.

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