Why you should drink water after coffee

Why you should drink water after coffee

In many restaurants around the world it is already a rule to accompany the serving of coffee with a glass of drinking water. Is it a fashion, a new etiquette trend? No, it is the rule of coffee drinking, caused by its effect on the body.

Why you should drink coffee with water

Numerous studies have proven both the beneficial and harmful effects of this drink on various human organs and systems. As it turns out, drinking water after coffee is necessary to neutralize the negative effects of caffeine and other components.

When you take your favorite energy drink, caffeine is the first to affect the body. It makes all the blood vessels shrink, except for the kidneys. Those, on the contrary, dilate. In about 20 minutes, the caffeine takes over the baton from the theobromine. It has the opposite effect: it narrows the vessels of the kidneys, but expands the other vessels, creating an unpleasant sensation. Such transitions are harmful to the cardiovascular system. If you drink water right away, such physical “jumps” can be avoided.

Coffee removes water from the body, causing a diuretic effect. The extent of this effect depends on the strength and volume drunk during the day. A glass of water will help you regain a healthy water balance.

History of the duo

The tradition of combining the drink of invigoration with water presumably comes from medieval Arabia. The Arabs used to serve coffee after a meal consisting of several courses. After a very spicy Arabic meal, the taste buds react rather poorly. Only water helped one enjoy the rare, expensive beverage to the full.

The inhabitants of the eastern deserts, despite the scalding heat, never stopped drinking coffee. And there the combination of this pleasure with water was due to a physical need. After coffee, the dryness of the mouth intensifies and the thirst increases.

In hot weather, a combination of hot coffee and water is just necessary. This will help to reduce the strain on the heart, which in the heat is already very serious.

The inhabitants of Turkey attribute this long-standing tradition to their ancestors. Well, most modern coffee drinkers have been introduced to this kind of drink exactly in the Turkish coffee shops. According to another version, the custom of drinking coffee with water came to Turkey from Greece, and then settled in Europe. The trendsetter in Europe was Austria. This was followed by Italy, France, and Germany.

Everywhere has its own rules

Of course, at the request of the client a drink will be brought in any institution. But in many eastern and European cafes coffee is served with a glass of cold water without reminders, traditionally. As a rule, the cool liquid is served with espresso, Turkish andViennesecoffee.


A good coffee shop even offers water for you to choose from. It can be:

  • bottled;
  • mild (neutral or balanced);
  • boiled;
  • mineral (with or without gas).

Hard, unfiltered water is not served with coffee. Because of its salt content, it has its own taste, which spoils the purity of the experience. This also applies to mineral water.

Кофе и вода, фото

Water should be cold, but not icy (10-15 ⁰С). On hot days the cold “diluent” can be garnished with a slice of citrus or a couple of mint leaves. Then getting rid of thirst will be even more pleasant.

How to drink

Experts do not have a definite approach to the ceremony. Let’s consider three possible variants:

  1. Before. This is how the Turks, for example, do it. Great connoisseurs do not understand how you can wash down a good “kahve”. In their opinion, it kills the great aftertaste. On the contrary, in Turkey they drink water before the coveted cup to eliminate the taste of food, to prepare the receptors for pure pleasure. In some regions of Italy, the customer, drinking an invigorating drink, as if to hint at the barista’s
  2. poor quality.

  3. After.
  4. A last drink can be used to dilute alkaloids, rebalance fluids, and wash away plaque. The harmful effects on the blood vessels, although not significantly, but will be reduced. Regarding the staining of the teeth, the theory will dispel any dentist. A simple rinse is not a method of preserving the quality of enamel.

  5. Alternately. Good natural coffee

has a rich, tart taste. But after a sip or two, the mouth soaks up the beverage and the freshness of the sensation is dulled. If you alternate coffee drinking with sips of water, the pleasure will be brighter.

One of the disadvantages of drinking and alternating is the temperature jump. This phenomenon dulls the receptors and can cause inflammation of the throat. Therefore, the water should be warmer (about 20 ⁰C).

The fact that the water-coffee tandem is favorable, the body itself prompts. How? You’re thirsty after coffee. It’s worth listening to! Optimal way – a glass of water before, or alternating sips. Aesthetes recommend to leave the last portion “not flushed” to prolong the taste experience.

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